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Turnitin is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winning... Read More

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prosicon “Being associated with the research work, it becomes really hectic when you need to make sure that the writings are authentic. Turnitin Plagiarism has been really helpful in that field. The software offers detailed reports for all the submitted papers, including individual links of the sources with matching sentences. The plagiarized words are shown in a highlighted form, making it easy for me to identify the particulars and make necessary changes in real-time.” Akanksha Malhotra - Oct 30, 2020

prosicon “The feedback studio and grade mark tools within Turnitin Plagiarism are industry standard and can be used to simplify workflows. They can be easily implemented within the Moodle Learning Management System. What makes me like Turnitin the most is its reliability. The software checks every single file against the broad range of contents available on the world wide web, ensuring 100% authenticity.” Tathagata Roy - Dec 2, 2020

prosicon “The product efficiency and effectivness, reports accuracy and ease to use factor makes it a complete plagiarism tool” Raj Kishore - Jul 26, 2020


consicon “Occasionally, it takes a very long time to generate similar reports.” Akanksha Malhotra - Oct 30, 2020

consicon “Customer care is not very consistent with timelines. Sometimes getting support takes a long time.” Tathagata Roy - Dec 2, 2020

consicon “Sometimes after implementing the suggestion, the meaning of the sentence gets completely changed.” Raj Kishore - Jul 26, 2020

Turnitin Overview

Turnitin is one of the top IT solutions company catering to thousands of customers across the country. The company's award-winning IT solutions are empowering Indian businesses and fueling their growth. Further, Turnitin customer care service is prompt, and its team is always available to address the issues of end-users.

Turnitin Details

  • . Location: Oakland, United States
  • . Found Year: 2000
  • . Industry: Software,
  • . Company Size: 1-100 Employees
  • . Founder: John Barrie

Turnitin FAQ’s

What type of company is Turnitin? alt

Turnitin is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Plagiarism Checker and Assessment Software.

What does Turnitin do? alt

Turnitin provides customized and scalable Plagiarism Checker and Assessment Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

Is Turnitin an Indian company? alt

Turnitin is headquartered in Oakland, United States and is playing a significant role in the digitization of Indian businesses with Plagiarism Checker and Assessment Software.

What is Turnitin’s main product? alt

Turnitin primarily deals in Plagiarism Checker and Assessment Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.

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