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What is WizIQ LMS? WizIQ LMS is a comprehensive learning management system for educational centers and organizations. Once learning materials are ready, users can schedule time bound or self-paced video courses with ease. It supports multiple teacher accounts, HD video streaming, online courses and live classes. The online test creator tool of WizIQ LMS helps plan your own kind of online tests, set marks, rankings and test end time. Most importantly, you can also send and receive test-related notifications and course feeds to the applicants and students directly from the LMS platform. The comprehensive reports provided by the software makes it easy for course managers to monitor the success rates of their planned courses and make effective changes at regular intervals. Learners can also interact with each other with the help of the mobile app offered by WizIQ LMS system software. How does WizIQ LMS help create a rich learning experience? The software offers a simple and accessible navigation platform, making it easy for test creators to explore different tools and plan their tests in an efficient manner. They can group together all the online course-related content and place them on a single interface for easy accessibility. WizIQ LMS supports a variety of languages from all around the globe, helping the course managers in reaching out to a global audience. WizIQ LMS is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it easy for learners to attend live sessions as per their own convenience from any device. WizIQ LMS offers up to 25GB of storage capacity, enabling users to manage, plan, schedule and upload course-related documents from time to time. They can upload a document with a maximum file size of 1GB at a time. WizIQ LMS Pricing WizIQ LMS pricing is available on request. Our product experts will get back to you with a negotiable WizIQ LMS pricing and will also offer proper support regarding all other relevant queries. Compatible Platforms for WizIQ LMS Software WizIQ LMS is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Benefits of WizIQ LMS System Brand creator: Users can Whitelabel their eLearning portal by using their own web domain. Insert their own logo and change the colour of the interface. WizIQ LMS also supports a variety of global languages, enabling users to select any language with which their learners are comfortable with. Easy dissemination of online tests: With the help of the LMS software, users can create tests on an online basis and share its link with the students as per their requirement. Advanced Multimedia Support: The LMS system software allows its users to add in intuitive graphics, images, sound files and videos within their curated tests to increase their level of engagement and the scope of getting it completed by the students. Reports and Analytics: Users can analyze the overall performance of all the learners, their engagement levels and daily attendance with course-based detailed reports offered by the software. They can identify slow learners and offer adequate support to them. WizIQ LMS is a comprehensive learning management system for educational centers and organizations. Once learning materi... Read More About WizIQ LMS
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Last Updated on : 18 May, 2021