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BitTitan MigrationWiz

BitTitan MigrationWiz

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Introduction to BitTitan MigrationWiz BitTitan MigrationWiz is a data migration software that facilitates project sharing among the workplace for collaborative work. It provides pre-stage migration facilities for data sharing, through emails too (not to be confused with attachments) apart from its inbuilt module. The data migration software enables organizations to migrate through multiple cloud workloads with a single software. BitTitan MigrationWiz is an industry-leading solution that enables users to migrate email and data from a wide range of sources and destinations. Why customers prefer BitTitan MigrationWiz? Here are a few reasons mentioned below as to why BitTitan MigrationWiz is preferred widely by users: All data migration work is fully automated. The software requires no specialized training or certifications to master. It has a user-friendly interface. Users can reduce the interruption downtime during working on their projects with enhanced efficiency. This data migration software is quite flexible when it comes to scalability. It ideal for companies of any size or any number of cloud networks. BitTitan MigrationWiz increases efficiency by and saves company expenses with multi-workload migrations. Features of BitTitan MigrationWiz Here is a concise list of features offered by BitTitan MigrationWiz to get quick overview of the software: Single User-friendly Interface Project sharing and action logging Enterprise scale on demand High data fidelity PowerShell SDK Pre-Stage, Quick Switch, or Big Bang Scenarios Unlimited Concurrent Migrations Automated Outlook Configuration No Migration Time Limit Customizable Email Notifications Data Filtering Deduplication BitTitan MigrationWiz Pricing BitTitan MigrationWiz is available in three different plans, they are: Mailbox Migration – Rs. 838/- per user User Migration Bundle – Rs. 1050/- per user Public Folder Migrations – Rs. 7979/- per 10 GB For further inquiries regarding the software, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. Here are a few reasons mentioned below as to why BitTitan MigrationWiz is preferred widely by users: All data migrati... Read More About BitTitan MigrationWiz
User Interface Project Sharing Enterprise Scale On Demand +10 More

Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021