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What Are Data Migration Tools?

Data migration tools move data from one storage device to another. This involves selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data to ensure its compatibility with the new storage system. They make data transfer simple and straightforward. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Data Migration Tools

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Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter

Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter

Brand: MailsDaddy


5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter is a complete Data Migration Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Data Migration Tools for Web-... Read More About Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter img

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Brand: Cloudiway

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Cloudiway is a cloud-based data migration tool that helps in enterprise co-existence and data migration. The software helps you migrating mailboxes, files... Read More About CLOUDIWAY img


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Vartikal OST to PST Converter

Vartikal OST to PST Converter


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vMail OST to PST Converter Software is an easy to use tool to convert Exchange OST file to Outlook PST file as well as EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, vCard & vC... Read More About Vartikal OST to PST Converter img

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MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Tool

MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Tool

Brand: MailsDaddy

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MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Tool is a complete Data Migration Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Data Migration Tools for Web... Read More About MailsDaddy OST to Office 365 Tool img

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MailsDaddy PST File Converter

MailsDaddy PST File Converter

Brand: MailsDaddy

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MailsDaddy PST File Converter is a complete Data Migration Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Data Migration Tools for Web-Bas... Read More About MailsDaddy PST File Converter img

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Mailsdaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Mailsdaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter

Brand: MailsDaddy

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Mailsdaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is a complete Data Migration Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Data Migration Too... Read More About Mailsdaddy Thunderbird to Outlook Converter img

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BitTitan MigrationWiz

BitTitan MigrationWiz

Brand: BitTitan

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Here are a few reasons mentioned below as to why BitTitan MigrationWiz is preferred widely by users: All data migration work is fully automated. The so... Read More About BitTitan MigrationWiz img


Kernel Cloud Migration Software

Kernel Cloud Migration Software

Brand: KernelApps

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Kernel Cloud Migration Software is one of the best Data recovery software in India. The solution is used by millions across the globe and a Microsoft Partn... Read More About Kernel Cloud Migration Software img

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Saketa SharePoint Migration Tool

Saketa SharePoint Migration Tool

Brand: Saketa SharePoint

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Saketa SharePoint Migration Tool is an industrial data migration software. It allows organizations with heavy IT setup to transfer the big data with minim... Read More About Saketa SharePoint Migration Tool img

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RecoveryTools Winodows Live Mail Migrator

RecoveryTools Winodows Live Mail Migrator

Brand: PCVARE Solutions

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RecoveryTools Winodows Live Mail Migrator is a complete Email Backup Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Email Backup Softwa... Read More About RecoveryTools Winodows Live Mail Migrator img

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Last Updated on : 27 Nov, 2023

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Best Data Migration Tools FAQ’s

Software questions,

The process of transferring data from one location to another, from one format to another, or from one application to another is known as data migration.

Data migration is essential for replacing or consolidating server and storage hardware, as well as adding data-intensive applications such as databases, data warehouses, data lakes, and large-scale virtualization projects. 

Data migration is a multi-step procedure that begins with an assessment of the source system and ends with testing and reproducing the migration design to the product build. To make the procedure more efficient, you'll need a good database migration plan and the necessary database migration tools.

Following are some of the best data migration service providers: Hevo Data, Fivetran, Matillion, Stitch Data, and AWS Data Pipeline.

Here are a few of the best cloud Migration service providers: AWS Migration Services, Azure Migration Tools, Carbonite Migrate, Corent SurPaaS, and Velostrata or Google Migration Services.

Data Migration Tools Reviews


Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter


“I like the most this tool supports all versions of MS Windows and MS Outlook.”

- Pooja Dwivedi

See all Mailsdaddy MBOX to PST Converter reviewsimg

Articles for Data Migration Tools

Buyer's Guide for Top Data Migration Tools

Found our list of Data Migration Tools helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Data Migration Tools? 
  • What are Cloud Migration Tools? 
  • Challenges to Overcome with Migration Tools 
  • What Do Migration Tools Do? 
  • Key Migration Tools Features 
  • Different Types of Migration Tools 
  • Key Factors to Consider for Migration Tools 
  • What are the Benefits of Using Migration Tools 

What are Data Migration Tools? 

The process of extracting data from one system and loading it into another, with a few transformations in between, is known as data migration. Data migration is simple when it comes to moving real data. However, processes such as data discovery, purification, and managing the process at scale are the challenging components that need to be considered prior to data migration. 

Moving data from one storage system to another necessitates the use of data/cloud migration tools. The tools accomplish this by selecting, preparing, extracting, and altering data so that it is compatible with its new storage place. 

What are Cloud Migration Tools? 

A cloud migration tool is a technology enabler (it can be a software solution, a piece of hardware, or SaaS) that aids organizations in moving data and/or workloads from legacy infrastructure to the cloud or between two cloud environments. 

Cloud migration tools are usually offered as a solution suite, with the vendor business assisting the client throughout the entire cloud migration process. Employing cloud migration tools can prove beneficial in examining your digital landscape, planning and executing the migration strategy, and assuring optimal post-migration performance. 

Challenges to Overcome with Migration Tools 

Migration software programs come with numerous benefits. However, there are many challenges you ought to overcome when deploying data/cloud migration tools. Here are some of them: 

  • Lack of Expertise: Data migration may appear to be a simple process, but it is actually rather difficult. A seamless process can be ensured by having an experienced specialist on your team with outstanding references. 
  • Lack of Preparation: IT teams often spend very little time planning the data migration process in general. Having a sound data migration plan can save a significant amount of time and resources during the actual data migration process. 
  • Data Governance: You must know who has the authority to approve, amend, generate, or remove data from the source system. Not knowing this can lead to confusion. Hence, this should be included in the correct paperwork as part of your project strategy.  
  • Unproven Migration Methodology: You will need to conduct some research to elicit the advantages of the data migration methodology through examples. If a vendor's generic solution can't be backed up by a testimonial, don't accept it. 
  • Supplier and Project Management: You must manage the vendors as well as the project, which can be quite stressful at times. Ensure you have enough time to manage the project and any linked suppliers; otherwise, the project's efficiency may suffer. 
  • Cross-Object Dependencies: It is very usual for a data migration plan to overlook a dependent dataset. Make sure you have a plan in place to deal with cross-object dependencies. This eliminates the possibility of delivery delays. 

What Do Migration Tools Do? 

At the very least, database migration tools help in encompassing the load and transforming processes. This means that the retrieved data must undergo a sequence of processes in order to be ready for use. The data is then loaded into a target place where data scientists, analysts, and other IT professionals can extract relevant insights. 

Here are the different functions of data/cloud Migration software:

  • Create a data warehouse from scratch 
  • Entire system redesign 
  • Database upgrades 
  • Merge new data from a purchase 
  • Additional system deployment 

Regardless of its actual purpose, the basic goal of data migration remains the same- improving competitiveness and performance. Incorrect data (redundancies) can take space at the target location in case the migration procedure is not completed successfully.  

Key Migration Tools Features 

Here are the key features that a migration tool usually offers: 

  • Executes database migrations for both homogeneous as well as heterogeneous databases. 
  • Allows you to transfer data into and out of the cloud as per your development requirements. 
  • Supports continuous data replication for a variety of use cases. 
  • Integrates with tools to make migrations easier to track and manage. 
  • Ensures compliant migrations. 
  • Allows moving workflows between virtual, physical, and cloud-based systems. 
  • Assures of minimal downtime with near-instant failover in case of an emergency 
  • Makes it simple for you to convert apps into SaaS programs. 
  • Use of Tenancy Models to manage each application's environment. 
  • Comes with built-in validation testing prior to migration 
  • Real-time streaming for operating workloads and migrations. 
  • On-premise rollbacks that give teams peace of mind in the event of an error. 
  • Executes comprehensive testing for every migration project. 
  • Allows you to relocate active servers using live transfer without taking your system offline. 
  • Enables you to track and report data center statistics. 
  • Follows infrastructure policies to ensure proper configurations. 
  • Automates assessment, planning, testing, and migration for data center moves. 

Different Types of Migration Tools 

Below, you will find information about the different types of migration tools: 

  • Data Migration Tools: Data migration software programs are used to move files and databases to new or upgraded servers, platforms, or products. Cloud migrations and catastrophe recovery are also supported by these solutions. 
  • Cloud Migration Tools: Cloud migration software helps migrate IT resources from on-premises to the cloud or from one cloud to another. Physical to Cloud (P2C), Virtual to Cloud (V2C), and Cloud to Cloud migrations are all supported by these tools. Cloud migration tools aid in the conversion of programs into SaaS (software as a service). 
  • Application Migration Tools: ERP systems, office suites, email clients, content management systems, shopping carts, productivity and collaboration tools, and help desks can all be migrated to new vendor products using application migration solutions. Application migration technology utilizes tools that allow the conversion of applications into services. 
  • Datacenter migration tools: Operating systems, servers, storage, networks, and firewalls can all be migrated using data center migration technologies. Datacenter migration tools generally support the following migration processes: 

          1. Physical to Physical (P2P) 

          2. Physical to Virtual (P2V) 

          3. Virtual to Virtual (V2V) 

Key Factors to Consider for Migration Tools 

A well-thought-out data migration plan can help you avoid a subpar experience that may otherwise end up causing a lot more problems than you anticipated. A data migration project can be doomed if the plan isn't full proof. Choosing the right Data Migration technology is a crucial aspect of that plan. It all eventually depends on the business requirements of the firm. Before choosing a Data Migration tool, consider the following considerations: 

  • Reliability: Generally, cloud-based products stand out because of their highly efficient structures. You should choose one that ensures near-perfect uptime. 
  • Compliance: Your chosen Data Migration software must comply with various compliance and security criteria. Choose cloud-based products that are GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 compliant. Today, most data/ cloud migration service providers offer solutions that adhere to international regulations. 
  • Data Destinations and Sources: Depending on your needs, this particular feature can be a game maker or breaker. Self-Scripting systems can handle practically any source or destination, but they are not particularly scalable. The majority of on-premise and cloud-based tools deal with a variety of data sources and destinations. There are no OS constraints with cloud-based SaaS tools. Vendors can seamlessly update them to automatically support new sources and destinations. 
  • Scalability and performance: Cloud-based tools outperform the competition due to their adaptability, which allows them to scale up or down based on the user's demands. 
  • Price: Pricing is influenced by a number of parameters. This includes the types and number of data sources at a given destination, the volume of data, and the service level. Cloud-based solutions offer the most cost-effective price plans for most data migration initiatives. 

What are the Benefits of Using Migration Tools 

Here are some of the most sought after benefits of using migration tools: 

  • Cut down delivery time: Migration tools provide a visual interface with pre-built components to develop workflows. As a result, the time it takes to create the data processes decreases. When you create a repeating workflow that handles a lot of stages automatically, you save time and don't have to redo work every time the data needs to be changed. 
  • Cut Costs: Data migration processes are simple to modify and replicate, allowing you to save a lot of time, work, and money. You can easily examine changes throughout the entire data collection. As a result, anytime the records are changed, you know exactly how the altered data would look. 
  • Complex Processes Can Be Automated: Automated data migration can save time, energy, and improve delivery. Also, manual labor and human mistakes can be significantly reduced. You can also carry out several data migration processes with a single click. As a result, the entire process is sped up. 
  • Validate Your Data: Before moving from one system to another, migration technologies provide a data quality check that helps cleanse your data. The processes involving essential data checks, such as confirming contact details or emails, reporting missing values, and validating data, have become straightforward and entirely customizable, thanks to the modern migration tools. 
  • Create feedback loops for data quality: You can automate the process of error handling simply by exporting values that don't follow the pre-defined data standards and establishing repeatable procedures to correct problems. This method also aids in the feeding of accurate data across your systems. 
  • Data Transformation: When transferring data from one location to another, various modifications are usually required. You may expect your data migration tool to conduct the following basic transformations: 

          1. Multiple fields can be split or merged. 

          2. Validating data in fields 

          3. Converting timezones or/and currencies 

          4. Changing the product codes 

  • Transparency in the Process: Other than long documentation and regular updating, manual data migration tools do not offer any adequate way of keeping track of adjustments made in the dataset. All of the phases in the workflow are automatically recorded by automated data movement technologies. As a result, the entire data migration procedure is transparent and traceable. 
  • Cleansing your data: Data migration solutions can aid you the most when conducting a difficult transformation during data migration. This includes de-duplicating your subscriber list by providing seamless cleansing capabilities otherwise unavailable in SQL. 
  • Handling Big Data: Data/cloud Migration software programs have progressed to the point where they can effectively manage Big Data. A data migration platform's structure makes it easy for professionals to create a better system, which improves overall speed throughout the data conversion process. 

Author: Kalpana Arya

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