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The way consumers and businesses are buying is changing fast, and that means real revenue opportunities in every industry. You may have noticed these shifts: services replacing assets, subscriptions replacing one-time sales, complex bundles replacing simple offerings. jBilling supports all the complex billing scenarios required by this new economy. With jBilling, you get to market quickly and you adapt quickly. Go ahead and innovate, enter new markets, disrupt the status quo. Features Architecture - Deep Configurability that means Complex billing can be achieved through jBilling’s many configuration options reducing the need for custom code and Plug-in Expansions that means Develop additional functionality to customize jBilling without changing its core. Integration API jBilling’s API addresses - 100% of the platform’s functionality, so you can communicate fluidly with custom apps and enterprise systems. Enterprise-grade Open Source Enterprise-grade open source technology gives you complete visibility into your system. Scalable Design jBilling scales horizontally, handling high volumes of transactions in real-time. Accounts - Complex Account Structures Create account groups and complex parent-child account structures, and tailor settings at multiple levels. Custom Fields Create your own fields to capture specific details in different areas of jBilling such as accounts, products, and inventory. Invoices - Complex Invoicing, Accurate Invoicing jBilling gives you complete visibility into calculations for sales, taxes, interest, fees, currency exchange, and anything else that affects your invoices. Integrated Inventory Management - Connect inventory with billing to better track and manage physical and virtual assets. Workflow with Inventory Involves unique assets, like software licenses, DiDs, and service bundles in billing and provisioning workflows. About The Company jBilling's mission is to provide the best billing cloud service for the enterprise with complex business rules requiring high flexibility and customization. With our unique product architecture, hosted billing service, and world-class team, we help companies all over the globe tackle billing complexity and stay in control. The way consumers and businesses are buying is changing fast, and that means real revenue opportunities in every industr... Read More About jBilling software
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Last Updated on : 18 May, 2021