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eCampus Pro
What is Cerpsoft eCampus Pro? eCampus Pro is a school management software that is used to manage all the aspects in an educational institute such as attendance, parent teacher co-ordination, lesson management, etc. It is used to streamline and automate campus processes like student registration, fees management, syllabus structuring, and exam and results management. The software comes with advanced modules for transport management, SMS notification system, accounts module, canteen management, HR and payroll management, etc. eCampus Pro software has a smart student feature that allows an individual to access e-learning tools and virtual learning platforms. Teachers can easily access student’s data like overdue assignments, student conduct, and school performances through the X-docket. The software's supporting platform is Windows, iOS and Android. How is centralized attendance managed through eCampus Pro? As the attendance management processes handled by the registrar is error-prone, eCampus Pro software comes up with a solution to manage the daily attendance of students as well as teachers automatically. Attendance: Users can mark the attendance of an individual either class wise or period wise. Period-wise Attendance Record: You may also choose to record attendance on a daily, monthly or weekly basis depending upon your needs. Absent Details: The software enables teachers to mark the absent details of a student that gets updated on the parents’ app to notify them. Applicability: This centralized attendance management is suitable for those schools that have a number of branches. It also helps keep accurate data and saves measurable metrics for the school. How does eCampus Pro manage fees automatically? In this busy world, sometimes parents forget to submit the fees of their children which attracts hefty fines. To tide over the problem, the software comes with an online payment option for parents to keep them always updated about the fee details. Parents get notifications regarding the due date of fees, fines imposed due to late attendance and many other stuff. eCampus Pro not only proves to be a useful solution for parents but also for the schools in managing their finances digitally. The software keeps a record of the fee details student-wise, collection-wise and period-wise. The school management can check the fee collection in any mode and any time. Pricing of Cerpsoft eCampus Pro You can contact our customer care team for the cost of eCampus Pro and it is completely customizable. We will provide you with an activation key to start using the software. Simply request us for a callback at your scheduled time. You may also contact us to know the latest version of eCampus Pro. How does eCampus Pro Help with Transportation Management? Schools nowadays are sometimes located in the outskirts of the city that creates safety concerns in the minds of the parents. Automated Communication: eCampus Pro helps school authorities as well as parents to keep an eye on transportation in an orderly manner via an automated communication feature. Details: The software provides parents with details of the school bus driver and the route taken. Live Location: Parents can also get the live location of school buses through the inbuilt GPS tracking feature of eCampus Pro. Similarly, schools can also track the whereabouts of their students. Cost Management: The software provides the latest technology tools, thus manages to cut down the costs of school management. Efficiency: The measurable metrics module of the software helps improve the efficiency of each department. eCampus Pro is a school management software that is used to manage all the aspects in an educational institute such as... Read More About eCampus Pro
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CERP HRMS is a comprehensive human resource management system. The software is user-friendly, so employees with different levels of computer and IT skills can access the software effortlessly. The CERP HRMS has a web-based centralized system for attendance management, easy integration with third-party application, heightened data access and resource management, etc. The CERP software includes features such as salary details, employee details, employee related reports, employee personal details, job details, modify password, create user, and many more. CERP HRMS is a comprehensive human resource management system. The software is user-friendly, so employees with differ... Read More About Cerp HRMS
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