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What is HRAPP? HRAPP is a cloud-based 360-degree human resource management solution for enterprises of all sizes that enables them to maintain a better, efficient and productive workforce. The software can be used to streamline multiple activities starting from time and attendance monitoring, employee onboarding, self-service to conducting regular efficiency checks of individual employees. The payroll solution offered by the software helps enterprises in settling salary definitions, reserves and bonuses, loan handling, etc. The integrated self-service feature within the same enables employees to update personal information, review their payslips, submit leave requests, encash leaves and more. Organizations can also facilitate active collaboration and enhance employee productivity by offering rewards to the hard-working employees based on their performance assessments. How Does HRAPP help in the smooth functioning of Payroll? Set salary- Enterprises can define accurate salary structures for their employees on the basis of their designation and role within the company. Handle loans- With HRAPP, it’s easy to process and manage loan requests and approved ones in a hassle-free manner, besides calculating credit scores. Manage allowances- HRs get a detailed view of the employee-based allowances and can modify, add or approve the particulars directly within the software. Manage reimbursements- With HRAPP, enterprises can monitor reimbursements and get them processed within a fraction of seconds. Process advance salary- Enterprises can process the salary of individual employees in advance and keep track of the particulars in an accurate manner. Define tax slabs- Organisations can monitor tax rebates and define tax slabs for individual employees as well. Pricing of HRAPP The pricing of HRAPP is available on request. You can send us a callback request to get more information about the particular product. Our executives will get back to you as per the date and time mentioned in your request. Benefits of HRAPP One-click payment - HRAPP is integrated with the ICICI banking system, which helps the organizations to credit the salaries in their employees’ accounts in a hassle-free manner, without getting redirected to the ICICI portal. Bonus calculation- With HRAPP, organizations can payout bonuses to individual employees based on automated reports, which are in compliance with multiple departmental needs and corporate coverages. Monitoring- Organisations can keep track of their employees’ productivity. They can also capture screenshots of their employees’ system, at regular intervals. Payslip- HRAPP generates payslips in an automated manner and also helps with precise split-ups, saving a lot of time. Onboarding- The software comes equipped with a paperless onboarding feature, making the first day of their joining, memorable for the new hires. The candidates can self-update their personal information within the portal. Performance Management- HRAPP helps the organization in setting targets, generating feedback and reviews in order to improve the employees' skills, making them accountable for their duties and responsibilities. HRAPP is a cloud-based 360-degree human resource management solution for enterprises of all sizes that enables them to... Read More About HRAPP
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Last Updated on : 18 Jun, 2021