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Okfit Gym Software

Okfit Gym Software

From Gym Management Software

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What is Okfit Gym Software? Okfit is a gym management system that provides modules (boosters) to grow your fitness business. These boosters help with increased member acquisition and retention along with significant cost savings. You can track your clients’ reports and automate your business with this fast and smooth CRM platform. How does Okfit Gym Software help in business? Okfit gym software enables easy and comprehensive management of your fitness business. You can track payments made by gym members online and also send reminders to individuals whose fees are pending. The software also helps gather feedback from members to track their satisfaction quotient. One can also get to know about the fitness packages that are in high demand and accordingly expand the business. What More Can You Do with Okfit? Okfit software enables you to manage day-to-day tasks at your gym or fitness business operations in a cost-effective and reliable way. It comes with updated business modules that help grow your gym business and boost your revenue. All you need is to subscribe to Okfit and enjoy its member management, marketing, and sales management features. Your gym members can track their progress online, make online payments, view their diet plan and recommended calorie intake. It’s an all-in-one customizable application for any fitness business. Pricing of Okfit Gym Software Okfit gym pricing options depends upon the size of your fitness studio and the number of members. These are listed below: Lite Plan: The Lite plan starts at Rs. 500/month or Rs. 4,800/year. Basic Plan: It starts from 1,000/month, and Rs. 9,600/year. Essential Plan: This plan starts from Rs. 2,000/month and Rs. 19,200/year. Growth Plan: The Growth plan starts from Rs. 3,000/month and at Rs. 28,800/year. You can request us for a callback to get customized modules. How Efficient is Okfit Gym Software? Okfit is a one-stop solution for gym members and owners of the fitness business. It provides gym members with a progress report, diet plan and recommended calorie intake along with payment details. Even gym trainers can view the membership online, scan QR code for attendance, and correspond with gym members via mail or call. With this gym management software, you can get valuable data and information on your fitness business. You can even analyze which fitness plans are more popular among your prospects and gym members. With the help of updated modules of the software, you can also keep a track of your transactions. Okfit is a gym management system that provides modules (boosters) to grow your fitness business. These boosters help wi... Read More About Okfit Gym Software
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021