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Best Gym Management Software in 2024

What is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software for the fitness industry provides the ability to manage memberships, inventory and schedules. The basic features of gym management systems include membership details, financial records, inventory management, and class schedule. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Gym Management Software

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Brand: Navkar Dreamsoft


4.8 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

GymTime is a cloud-based gym management software that helps fitness businesses manage memberships, classes, attendance, and payments.... Read More About GymTime read review arrow

₹7,999 User/Year

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Global Gym Software

Global Gym Software

Brand: Global Gym Software


4.8 out of 5

(18 user reviews)

Streamline your gym processes with Global gym software and manage both memberships and trainers’ activities.... Read More About Global Gym Software read review arrow

₹5,000 /Year

View Plansimg

Easy Gym Software

Easy Gym Software

Brand: 13DesignStreet


4.1 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Easy Gym Software is an extensive online gym management system. The software is 100% customisable and provides appropriate support to gyms and fitness stu... Read More About Easy Gym Software img

Price On Request

Membroz Gym Software

Membroz Gym Software

Brand: Membroz


4.7 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Membroz offers a fully integrated, cloud-based gym management software that includes various features to manage gyms as well as customers and build strong... Read More About Membroz Gym Software img

₹1,999 /Month

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Brand: Your Digital Lift


4.4 out of 5

(12 user reviews)

YDL (Your Digital Lift) is a gym and club management software that helps gym trainers, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, and health nutritionists to con... Read More About YourDigitalLift img

₹1,000 /Month

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Gym Management Software Product List Top Banner - 2
Traqade GYM & Club Management Software

Traqade GYM & Club Management Software

Brand: Gympik


4.4 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Traqade is a leading gym membership software for the fitness industry and is powered by Gympik. The software also boosts your business by giving you direc... Read More About Traqade GYM & Club Management Software img

₹12,000 /Year

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Fitness NU

Fitness NU

Brand: RootCode Technologies


4.8 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Fitness NU is a gym management software designed to streamline daily activities at a fitness studio/club. It is designed to fit the requirement of differ... Read More About Fitness NU img

₹5,999 /Year

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Fitness Manager

Fitness Manager

Brand: Anayan Software


4.3 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Fitness Manager is a comprehensive gym management software designed for fitness clubs, gyms, and wellness centers. With 20 years of industry experience, t... Read More About Fitness Manager img

₹24,000 /Year

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Okfit Gym Software

Okfit Gym Software

Brand: Aerobit


4.3 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Okfit is a gym management system that provides modules (boosters) to grow your fitness business. These boosters help with increased member acquisition and... Read More About Okfit Gym Software img

₹500 /month

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Brand: Gayatri Software


4.6 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

G-GMS is a robust yet cost-effective fitness management software by Gayatri Software. The application has been redesigned for a price reduction. However, t... Read More About GGMS img

₹11,999 /Year

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Last Updated on : 11 Jun, 2024

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Software listed

Best Gym Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Gym management software is an easy-to-use solution that assists fitness studios in managing their memberships, training sessions, payments, and more. 

Gym management software price starts at as low as Rs 500 per month

It helps automate routine tasks like membership renewals, schedule management, member check-in, and data entry.

Gym management software is specifically designed to reduce the complexity of conventional gym management. It helps streamline the entire process, tracking financial data, and improving the membership rate. 

It is a highly effective software solution that helps you manage different functions of your gym, such as attendance, inventory, membership renewals, personal fitness sessions, and much more. 

Gym Management Software Reviews


Global Gym Software


“Good Software in my Budget with low renewal charge. Working very good with ESSL access control or on expire membership door will lock automatically ”

- Garima Pandey

See all Global Gym Software reviewsimg

Easy Gym Software


“This software is very much easy to use. Supportive customer team 24/7 available.”

- Gurmeet Kaur

See all Easy Gym Software reviewsimg

Membroz Gym Software


“Their training and support team were good at understanding my business model they helped my staff for setting up membroz.”

- Jitesh Sharma

See all Membroz Gym Software reviewsimg



“It is very user-friendly, The CRM features are top-notch, allowing us to stay connected with our members and understand their needs better.”

- Darsh

See all YourDigitalLift reviewsimg

Okfit Gym Software


“A fast reliable service. Everything has worked perfectly from day one .Excellent value for money.”

- Naveen dahiya

See all Okfit Gym Software reviewsimg

Gym Management Software Price List In India

Gym Management Software Cost
Top Gym Management Software Starting Price Rating
GymTime₹7999.00 User/Year4.8
Global Gym Software₹5000.00 /Year4.8
Membroz Gym Software₹1999.00 /Month4.7
YourDigitalLift₹1000.00 /Month4.4
Traqade GYM & Club Management Software₹12000.00 /Year4.4
Fitness NU₹5999.00 /Year4.8
Fitness Manager₹24000.00 /Year4.3
Okfit Gym Software₹500.00 /month4.3
GGMS₹11999.00 /Year4.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Gym Management Software

Found our list of Gym Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Gym Management Software?
  • Why Use Gym Management Software?
  • Who Uses Gym Management Software?
  • What are the Features of Gym Management Software
  • Benefits of Gym Management Software
  • What are the Various Modules of Gym Management Software?
  • Gym Management Software Integrations
  • Offline Gym Management Software Vs Cloud Based Gym Management Software
  • How to Select the Best Gym Management Software for Your Business
  • Top 10 Gym Management Software

What is Gym Management Software?

The gym management software manages memberships, schedules, and facilities for gyms, yoga studios, aerobic centres, and dance studios. It allows them to offer their clients the best experience with trouble-free administration. In addition to member management, billing, accounting, and marketing, this software has several modules.

Why Use Gym Management Software?

As a gym owner, you must constantly juggle administrative tasks to manage your business efficiently. Although running a gym is a rewarding experience, it is equally challenging, so you always need to be on your toes to manage everything.

With the help of gym management software, you can streamline your operations and simplify daily tasks. It also helps you provide a wonderful fitness experience and build a safe fitness environment for your customers.

Who Uses Gym Management Software?

Although the software has a gym in its name, it is used by many businesses, including martial art studios, dance studios, health clubs, swimming pools, and yoga centres. Everyone in the fitness industry can use this as a one-stop solution to manage their schedules, payments, classes, memberships, and many other tasks. Not only for owners or staff, but this software is also accessible to clients for enrolment, making payments, scheduling classes, and interacting with staff members.

What are the Features of Gym Management Software

  • 24/7 availability for customers: Online gym software allows for remote management of administrative tasks through mobile apps. This allows personal trainers to stay connected to and respond quickly to customer questions and requests.
  • Track the attendance & progress of your customers: Having a gym management tool at your disposal allows you to monitor customer activity. You can track their attendance and identify customers who have stopped attending the gym. By tracking their activity, you can reach out to those who have signed up but do not show up for a workout session. It lets you contact them for feedback on your services and build a more compassionate relationship with them. Moreover, you can use the data to recommend relevant plans and classes that might benefit your customers.
  • Reporting and analytics: Gym software with a data analytics function can help you understand customer behaviour, preferences, industry trends, and competitors' strategies to make informed decisions. Any software with this feature can convert data into detailed reports in charts, graphs or analytical dashboards. These reports will help you to gain valuable information about your business in just a few seconds.
  • Built-in integrations: To provide a world-class gym experience to your clients, you should choose software that can be easily integrated with other applications. Opt for software that can integrate with the marketing automation tool to find potential leads or with the Zoom software to conduct online training sessions. It should also integrate with payment processing software to ensure seamless billing and payment without opening multiple windows on your computer.
  • Automated payment and billing: It is extremely difficult to track payments and to bill manually. Gym management software can make your task easy by automating the entire process. It can manage accounts, keep track of payments and automate membership payments. You must ensure that the software you choose supports different payment methods like cash, credit/debit card, digital wallets, or check.
  • Flexibility and accessibility: If you give an option between a desktop and a mobile, almost 95% of users will prefer to use mobile devices to surf the internet. Therefore, your gym management tool should be accessible across all platforms. It allows for higher flexibility and mobility for all your clients because they can sign up for a membership, make payments, or schedule a session from anywhere and at any convenient time.

Benefits of Gym Management Software

  • Promote Loyalty Programs: Gym membership software can be used to track and reward loyal members with promotions and benefits such as referral bonuses, loyalty rewards, participation incentives, and rewards for reaching fitness goals. This helps to retain customers and drive business growth.
  • Send Promotional Messages: The software helps you create a relevant promotion plan based on your customer’s activities. People attending aerobics sessions will only receive promotional messages about their daily workout routine. As a result, the current ones will remain loyal to your gym and spread the good word about your promotions, which can bring more clients to your fitness centre.
  • Auto-Renewal of Membership: Auto-renewal is another noteworthy feature of gym subscription software. The system automatically sends reminders to customers to renew their membership. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for customers to make payments from any corner of the world at any given time. They need to open their mobile app or laptop to fill in their login details in the online portal and pay the membership fee.
  • Create a Schedule for Customers: Gym scheduling software allows for automated reminders for customers regarding their scheduled classes and helps in managing the class strength. It also enables customers to book and change their time slots as per their convenience.
  • Digital Signatures: The gym subscription software allows members to go through an agreement and accept its terms & conditions via digital mode. Thanks to the cloud-based feature, online software ensures better security, authenticity, integrity and traceability of your documents. Moreover, some systems have a fingerprint feature that makes them more secure and trustworthy.
  • Organize Administrative Tasks: Adding new members, canceling dormant gym accounts, filling out forms, and daily managing activities are some administrative tasks performed by your admin managers. Gym management software can help ease the burden by automating the cumbersome process. The software system can also help in sending regular payment notifications, hence reducing the number of late payments.
  • Manage class schedule and bookings: Class scheduling and class booking features enable you to conveniently schedule classes, events, and timetables. You can grant access to your staff members to organize daily tasks and future events and keep a tab on time. Moreover, members also enjoy the facility to book their slots on their own.
  • Improve operational tasks: Sometimes you are completely overloaded with administrative tasks, but gym accounting software can help you and your team work more efficiently. It helps automate routine tasks like data entry, member check-in, and membership renewals, which will give you more time and energy to improve the core business areas.
  • Manage the cash flow: Gym management software gives you a much better insight into your finances, which allows you to make informed, data-driven decisions. You can create in-depth financial reports to manage your cash flow and track information like sales, cancelled memberships, product sales, etc. Additionally, if you have gyms in multiple locations, this software can help you manage them with a single platform.
  • Inventory management: The gym management tool helps you easily manage inventory like protein powders, sports drinks, or other supplements . When you use this software, you get to create unique identifiers for the products along with an option to customize product categories. It helps you generate and download detailed reports of available and out-of-stock items, allowing you to reorder quick-selling items or closeout slow-selling products.

What are the Various Modules of Gym Management Software?

Gym Membership Software

The world is adopting digital methods to manage fitness centres and gym management software is one such tool that has become the preferred choice for most business owners. It empowers you to manage day-to-day activities and record customer data paperlessly. You can see your member's details like name, image, attendance sheet, account status, or upcoming sessions at a glance.

Clients can use the system to sign up online, pay their pending fees, book a personal training session, and more. You'll be able to check if a customer is a monthly or quarterly user. In addition, you can also send promotional offers, discount offers, and payment reminders with just one click.

Gym Subscription Software

The best gym solutions in India have the feature to manage user subscriptions from one single tool. Gym subscription software is one such management solution that's easy to install and lets you handle subscriptions with utmost ease.

It makes it extremely easy for you to sell subscriptions, manage current subscriptions, retain current customers with marketing and email campaigns and promote new launches & offers. You can customize your subscription depending on the audience's interests and requirements.

Gym Billing Software

If you find it hard to get timely payments from customers, then gym billing software is the right solution . You can use this automated payment system to simplify the billing process and send automated payment reminders. Your customers must sign up on the web or mobile app and use the integrated payment portal to make secure payments.

Customers can continue with the current membership plan or switch to a new one. Moreover, you can have customized billing settings that allow you to set a specific billing day, see each customer's payment history, and also look at the failed payments.

Gym Scheduling Software

Personal fitness instructors live and die by their schedule. They require a tool that tracks attendance and sends automated text messages to ensure clients attend the scheduled session. With gym scheduling software, they can create a booking page to share their availability with their clients.

The software enables new customers to book classes at any time and helps the trainer maximize the class capacity. All the clients are listed in one system where it's easy to look at their info and send instructions & personalized health tips. Further, trainers can sync their schedules with the booking calendar and create digital forms to learn about their client's fitness regimes.

Gym Accounting Software

If you want to grow your membership and get a clear picture of your fitness centre's financial data, you should switch to gym accounting software. With the help of robust software, you can effectively combine accounting and database management in a single system.

You get access to the monthly revenue reports that give you a fair idea of how your gym performs. These detailed reports help you make educated business decisions and point out where to allocate funds. Moreover, the software provides immeasurable value to your business and helps you thrive in the highly competitive domain.

Gym CRM Software

Most popular gym management software comes with powerful integration capabilities with third-party software. Integration with third-party software such as CRM, accounting, HRMS, social media, payment gateways, communication software, makes it easier to manage gym and fitness studio’s operations. Also, most gym management software supports mobile optimization. You can seek benefits of the software features in the form of an on-the-go mobile app as well.

Gym Management Software Integrations

Gym management software typically integrates with various other systems to provide a more comprehensive solution for gym operators. Some common integrations include:

  1. Payment processing: Integrations with payment gateways such as Stripe or PayPal allow gyms to process member payments and track billing information.
  2. Point of sale systems: Integrations with the point of sale systems allow gyms to track sales of retail items, such as supplements and workout clothing.
  3. Membership management: Integrations with membership management systems allow gyms to track member information, such as contact details and attendance history.
  4. Class scheduling: Integrations with class scheduling systems allow gyms to manage class schedules and sign-ups and can also send reminders to members.
  5. Email marketing: Integrations with email marketing tools allow gyms to send targeted campaigns and promotions to members.
  6. Social media: Integrations with social media platforms allow gyms to promote their services and engage with members on social media.
  7. Marketing Automation: Some gym management software integrates with marketing automation platforms, allowing gym operators to automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, SMS, and social media posts.
  8. Accounting: Integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero help gym operators track income and expenses and manage their finances.
  9. Access Control: Some gym management software are integrated with an access control system that allows gym owners to track and control members' access to the gym.
  10. Personal Training Software: Integrations with personal training software allow gyms to manage personal training sessions, track progress and communicate with clients.

Offline Gym Management Software Vs Cloud Based Gym Management Software

Here is the comparison of offline vs online gym management software for business:

Offline Gym Management Software Online Gym Management Software
Requires a one-time purchase and installation on a local computer Subscription-based accessed through the internet
Data is stored on the local computer, potentially increasing the risk of data loss Data is stored on secure servers, reducing the risk of data loss
Database Backup & Restore Facility Cloud Storage of Data
Limited access to the software and data, usually restricted to one location Accessible from any location with internet access
Limited scalability, may require additional hardware and software to support growth Scalable, can easily accommodate increasing numbers of users and data
Limited or no automatic updates or backups Automatic updates and backups are often included in the subscription
May have higher upfront and maintenance costs Lower upfront and ongoing costs, as the subscription fee is spread out over time

How to Select the Best Gym Management Software for Your Business

Here are some pointers you can keep in mind while buying gym management software for your business.

  • It should fulfill the challenges & objectives of your business
  • User interactive dashboard for staff and gym members
  • Automated billing & payment processing feature
  • It should give detailed Insights, analysis & real-time reports
  • Fully integrated with mobile app
  • Integration with website and social media handles
  • Its price should be well within your budget
  • Top-notch data security
  • Antivirus support
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Unlimited customer support by the vendor
  • The software should come with a trial period

Top 10 Gym Management Software

Here is the list of best gym management software for business

Top 10 Best Gym Software
Gym Software Best For
Zen Planner Customizable member portals, class scheduling, and billing
Wodify Automated billing and payment processing, performance tracking, and member engagement tools
Mindbody Online booking and class scheduling, automated billing and payment processing, and marketing tools
GymMaster Online booking and class scheduling, automated billing and payment processing, and member engagement tools
Glofox Customizable member portals, class scheduling, billing, and marketing automation
Clubworx Online booking and class scheduling, automated billing and payment processing, and member engagement tools
Pike13 Customizable member portals, class scheduling, billing, and marketing automation
Virtuagym Customizable member portals, class scheduling, billing, and performance tracking
EZFacility Online booking and class scheduling, automated billing and payment processing, and member engagement tools
Zenoti Automated billing and payment processing, performance tracking, and member engagement tools

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