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Best Club Management Software in 2024

What is Club Management Software?

The club management software automates administrative functions such as subscription renewal, new memberships, fees dues, and other operations-related issues. Club Management software greatly helps in tracking people's membership details thereby helping the owners with renewal reminders. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Club Management Software in 2024

  • top product arrowYourDigitalLift
  • top product arrowGymTime
  • top product arrowSmart Health Clubs
  • top product arrowGymex Gym & Club Management Software
  • top product arrowMembroz Club Management Software

Best Club Management Software

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Brand: Your Digital Lift


4.2 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

YDL (Your Digital Lift) is a gym and club management software that helps gym trainers, yoga instructors, physiotherapists and health nutritionists to con... Read More About YourDigitalLift img

₹30,000 /Year

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Brand: Navkar Dreamsoft


4.8 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

GymTime is a cloud-based gym management software that helps fitness businesses manage memberships, classes, attendance, and payments.... Read More About GymTime read review arrow

₹7,999 User/Year

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Smart Health Clubs

Smart Health Clubs

Brand: SHC


4.6 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Smart Health Clubs is a powerful tool that helps health clubs and gyms manage their operations, including membership management, billing, and scheduling.... Read More About Smart Health Clubs read review arrow

$169 User/Month

Gymex Gym & Club Management Software

₹25,000 /Year

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Membroz Club Management Software

Membroz Club Management Software

Brand: Membroz

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Membroz offers web-based club management software that includes different modules for managing clubs, hotels, & resorts. It helps in managing booking... Read More About Membroz Club Management Software img

₹800 /Month

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ND Fitness +

ND Fitness +

Brand: Navkar Dreamsoft

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ND Fitness + is an all-in-one Club Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Club Management Software has a s... Read More About ND Fitness + img

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Brand: GymMaster

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GymMaster is a gym management software that aids in the supervision of all gym-related activities. This gym management software helps gym owners to attrac... Read More About GymMaster img

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Brand: Active Network

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Activenet is a complete Membership Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Membership Management Software for Web-Bas... Read More About Activenet img

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EZFacility Sports Facility Management Software

EZFacility Sports Facility Management Software

Brand: EZFacility

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EZFacility Sports Facility Management Software is a complete Sports League Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Sp... Read More About EZFacility Sports Facility Management Software img

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Jonas Club Software

Jonas Club Software

Brand: Jonas Club Software

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Jonas Club Software is a complete Club Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Club Management Software for Web-Based... Read More About Jonas Club Software img

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Last Updated on : 10 Apr, 2024

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Software listed

Best Club Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Club software helps various club facilities to effectively manage their facilities and memberships. They can use this software to schedule events, manage members, accept payments, make online enrollments, and more.

Clubs can choose from different types of club software to smoothly run their facilities. Some of the best software solutions for managing your club include Gymdesk, Playbook, GymMaster, etc.

Gym owners can use different types of gym management software to run their facility based on their gym facility requirements. Some of the best they can choose from include Fitcode, GymMaster, Virtuagym, PushPress, Glofox, and more.

Club or gym management software is an ideal choice if you want to systematically store and manage your members' information. You can choose from multiple solutions available such as Mindbody, PushPress, Wellness Living, Zen Planner, etc. 

To manage the membership of your club, you can use club software. It not only helps manage memberships but can also be used to manage the overall operations of your club.

You can use any club or fitness club management system to keep track of all membership dues. The solution can also help you in sending dues reminders to your members, updating payment status, sending invoices to members, and more.

Club Management Software Reviews




“EASY TO USE. Great Support team including the marketing team (Sanna etc.) value for money”

- Gold's Gym Sirsa

See all YourDigitalLift reviewsimg

Gymex Gym & Club Management Software


“One of the best Gym software to manage my gym and is easy to use also affordable. I like the product.”

- Muhammed Anous

See all Gymex Gym & Club Management Software reviewsimg



“Unlimited No. Of client details we can add also we can handle many branches just with single software”

- Harshit Ahiwale

See all YourDigitalLift reviewsimg

Club Management Software Price List In India

Club Management Software Cost
Top Club Management Software Starting Price Rating
YourDigitalLift₹30000.00 /Year4.2
GymTime₹7999.00 User/Year4.8
Smart Health Clubs$169.00 User/Month4.6
Gymex Gym & Club Management Software₹25000.00 /Year5

Buyer's Guide for Top Club Management Software

Found our list of Club Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Club Management Software?
  • Why Should You Use Club Management System?
  • Features Of Club Software
  • Benefits of Club Management Software
  • On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based Club Management Software 
  • Who Uses Club Management Software?
  • Things to Consider When Buying Club Software
  • Top 10 Best Club Management Software

What is Club Management Software?

Club management software enables clubs and associations to smoothly run their club facility. It helps them to manage memberships, schedule club events, create and manage their online store, track members' attendance, and more.

In addition to this, a club management solution can be used for simplifying enrollment procedures, scheduling staff members for events, creating promotional campaigns, generating payroll, etc. Its club management functionalities can help you to successfully manage memberships, promote your club facility, improve your members' experience, and more.

Why Should You Use Club Management System?

There are plenty of reasons to choose club software such as:

  • Reach out to more prospects with club management tools
  • To keep all the facility and members data safe and secure with data encryption.
  • To create and manage your own online store to sell customized club merchandise
  • Effectively managing membership details of current members, renewals, cancellations directly through this software.
  • Accurately track and manage finances related to your club facility directly.

Features Of Club Software

  • Appointment Scheduling: This feature allows the staff members schedule and fix appointments for their club members. It allows them to easily fix, reschedule, or cancel appointments as per their convenience.
  • Online Payment Processing: Easily accept payments for membership renewal, fees, etc., from club members. Club management system can allow you to accept payments via multiple getaways such as UPI, debit, credit cards, and other gateways.
  • Attendance Management: Track and maintain the attendance record of both staff members and clients through check in and check out in real time. This further allows you to accurately calculate payroll as well.
  • Reporting And Analytics: Easily generate different data reports such as active members, received and pending fee payments, equipment list, etc., to gain valuable insights.
  • Ecommerce Store: Create and manage your own eCommerce store and sell branded merchandise such as shoes, balls, clothing, etc., directly from this software.
  • Members Forum: Create a separate forum for all your facility members and clients to interact and socialize with each other. In fact, this can also be used to increase customer engagement by organizing different activities
  • Staff timekeeping: This feature lets you create timesheets for your staff members and schedule their shifts. It ensures that no one is burdened and the shifts are equally distributed.
  • Member access: It lets the facility members check in or check out through biometric devices. It enables clubs to ensure complete security and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Online Registration: Create an online portal and easily let the new members quickly register for your services. They can register themselves in the club by filling in their basic information such as name, member type, number, etc.
  • Membership management: Get timely updates about upcoming members registration, membership expiry dates, renewals, and more. Club membership software enables you to seamlessly manage the membership for your club members.
  • Payroll Management: It lets you create and calculate payroll for your staff members. Calculate payroll based on their attendance, salary structure, tax, etc.
  • Database: Create and maintain the record of all data related to the facility and all the clients in a centralized database.
  • Members Portal: Create a separate portal for every member to let them schedule appointments, pay fees, renew membership, and much more effortlessly.

Benefits of Club Management Software

There are multiple benefits of Club Software such as:

  • Generating More Revenue: It comes with marketing tools that help users create and run various campaigns to reach potential customers. These tools help clubs in promoting their services in a better way to the targeted audience.
  • Schedule all Events Online: With club management solution, it becomes easy to schedule all the club’s events online. Moreover, the information can also be updated in the calendars so that they are visible to all the active club members.
  • Seamless Club Management: A club management solution eliminates any need to record the data of all members manually. By scanning the form, it automatically feeds data in the system, thereby saving time and other resources.
  • Improved Customer Experience: The solution helps club owners to create a separate portal for all their club members. This enables members to register themselves for events, make payments, update their info, etc., eventually improving customer satisfaction.
  • Easily Manage Inventory: It lets you keep track of all the equipment present in your club. It also notifies you about the products you need to order or that require maintenance, eventually saving you time.
  • Promote Club Services with Email Marketing: Increase your reach by easily sending emails to your existing members to promote your services and events directly through this software.

On-Premises vs. Cloud-Based Club Management Software 

Factors On-Premises Cloud-Based
Deployment Software is hosted on the club’s server Software is deployed on the web or cloud server
Accessibility You cannot access the solution from remote locations to manage your club activities You can access software from any remote location, and you create, manage, and monitor your club activities and memberships.
Security All your club and members’ data remain secure with your company’s server. Data theft may happen because the solution is accessed via the internet.
Cost It requires installation and server maintenance costs It requires subscription renewal, maintenance, and add on features costs.
Suitability Generally suitable for small and medium sized businesses It is preferable for big enterprises

Who Uses Club Management Software?

Club software can be used by the following people such as:

  • Golf Club: Golf club management software is used by the golf club staff to manage players and facilities. It can help them with tournament management, members management, equipment management, and more.
  • Tennis Club: Tennis club management software helps tennis clubs with court booking, payment processing, event scheduling, maintaining contacts database, etc.
  • Yacht Club: Yacht Club Management Software enables yacht clubs in creating customized bills, managing contracts, maintaining members database, boat reservations, and more.
  • Fitness Club: Fitness and health clubs can use fitness club management software for membership management, class bookings and scheduling, trainer and staff management, data analysis, and much more.
  • Martial Arts Club: Martial Arts Club Management software can assist martial art clubs with online class registration, class scheduling, creating training programs, automatic grading system, etc.
  • Sports Club: Sports facilities can use sports club management software for staff and membership management, custom domain creation, scheduling events, managing payments, and more.
  • Snooker Club: Snooker club owners can use snooker club management software for tracking table maintenance, setting gaming rates, managing club finances, scheduling snooker matches, etc.
  • Bowling Club: Bowling Club Management Software can be used for creating schedules for tournaments, online registration for matches, accepting payments, generating digital score cards, and more.
  • Badminton Club: Badminton clubs can use badminton club software to create and manage all tournaments, run online eCommerce stores, manage players information and inventory, etc.
  • Flying Club: Flying Club Software helps the management with aircraft booking, member management, tracking flight hours, scheduling aircraft maintenance, billing club members, accepting payments, etc.
  • Gymnastics Club: Gymnastics clubs can use gymnastics club management software for scheduling classes, billing and payments, members enrollment, attendance tracking, and more.
  • Hunting Club: Any hunting club can use hunting club software to manage new enrollments, membership renewals registration, and cancellations, hunting event tickets, members attendance, etc.
  • Sailing Club: Sailing Club Management Software helps sailing clubs in allocating and managing boats mooring, creating boat racing scores, managing memberships, selling customized merchandise, and more.
  • Yoga Studio: Yoga studios can use Yoga Studio Software to schedule yoga and fitness classes, manage memberships, track members attendance, accept payments, etc.

Things to Consider When Buying Club Software

Considerations to keep in mind to buy the right club management software:

  • Integration: Integration with other third-party applications like payment getaways would help in smooth operations.
  • Scalability: The scalability feature of club software would help you in managing the growing members of your club.
  • Customization: With customization feature, you can easily add or delete modules relevant to your club requirements.
  • Cost: Choose a solution whose cost falls within your estimated budget. Top club software that comes with free trial, so that you know if the tool is suitable or not.
  • Features: It should come with all the unique features such as membership management, event management, appointment scheduling, etc., to run your club facility.
  • Communication Channels: Choose software that offers you multiple communications channels such as email or messaging to easily connect with your members.
  • Mobile App: The availability of mobile app for club software will help you manage clubs from anywhere.

Top 10 Best Club Management Software

  • Virtuagym: Best Health & Fitness Management Software
  • Membroz Club Software: Best Membership Management Solution
  • Fitcode: Best Gym Management Software
  • Perfect Gym: Fitness and Gym Management Software
  • TeamUp: Best Fitness, Gym, and Studio Management Software
  • WellnessLiving: All in one Business Management Software
  • GymMaster: Gym Management Software
  • TeamStats: Football Team Management Software
  • Spark Membership: Member Management Software
  • Glofox: Best-in-Class Gym Management Software

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