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About Fitcode

What is Fitcode? 

Fitcode is software for gym owners to manage all the activities from registration to sales. This gym management software covers all the aspects of operations required to run a gym efficiently. Gym owners can manage a digital register for all the members signed up in the gym and track their membership. The software also generates automated alerts through SMS and Email for pending fees or closings on vacations.

Fitcode also automates the reporting of all the staff with ease. It offers a self-service portal for employees to file their attendance, report workflow, etc. Fitness Trainers can create thorough training programs, diet plans, etc. for different body types and fitness goals. They can also create customer-tailored programs for customers and share their plans through the software. 

Features of Fitcode: 

Fitcode is ripe with beneficial features, here are a few listed below for the quick overview of the software: 

  1. Enquiries & Follow-up 
  2. Referral & Trial Management
  3. Member Registrations & Renewals
  4. Billing & Accounts 
  5. Staff Management
  6. Daily Task Board
  7. Customer Feedback 
  8. GST Reports
  9. Periodic Sales Reports 
  10. Loyalty Programs for Referral 
  11. Member Attendance Register
  12. Biometric Integration

How Fitcode works? 

Fitcode works on three basic principles; these are: 

  1. Team Management: This encompasses the basic workflows of the gym. It includes the supervision of staff, trainers, products, inventory, billings, and much more. They are completely streamlined. 
  2. Customer Management: This aspect focuses on the improvement of relationships with customers.  It manages customer's subscription, renewal, appointments, etc. with seamless services.
  3. Business Growth: This strategic function allows gym owners to increase customer outreach and improve retention rates. 

What is the price of the Fitcode?

Fitcode is available in three different prices, these are: 

  1. Basic Plan – Rs. 750/- per month
  2. Basic Plan – Rs. 9,000/- per year
  3. Pro Plan – Rs. 1,250/- per month
  4. Pro Plan – Rs. 15,000/- per year 
  5. Enterprise Plan – Rs. 2,500/- per month
  6. Enterprise Plan – Rs. 30,000/- per year

Please request a call for further inquiries and our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest. 

Sold By : Fitcode

Get Fitcode support 17 Chatting right now

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Fitcode Features

The gym integrates with biometric devices to record attendance and store it in a timesheet. 
Gym owners can waive of fees on offers automatically on registration. 
This Gym management software can integrate communication modules like Email and SMS in the software. 
The gym management software enables gym owners to conduct enquiries for the customers. 
Gym owners can create a thorough digital prospectus and send it to customers for marketing purposes. 
The software offers mobile application for both Android and iPhone. 
This gym management software offers point of sale software for gym owners who are into retailing. 
The software integrates with biometric devices to record attendance. 
 Users can offer self service kiosk to automatically get themselves registered and make payments periodically.
Gym owners can establish communication with their customers for better consumer experience. 
Fitcode offers detailed business analysis and provides sales forecasts. 
The software allows gym owners to work on both single and multiple user mode for smooth business operations. 
Gym trainers can create comprehensive training modules along with diet plans for gym members.
This feature offers detailed insights regarding gym’s financial performance. 
Gym owners can integrate online payment gateways and create a virtual wallet to collect money. 
This gym management software enables gym members to make online payments.
Fitcode enables gym owners to manage their inventory efficiently. 

Get Fitcode support17 Chatting right now

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Fitcode Specifications


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Fitcode FAQs

No, there is no upper cap for the addition of members. The system is exceptionally scalable.
Yes, Fitcode uses top of the line data storage facilities to protect your daa from any type of theft or hacking.
Fitcode saves all your data on cloud for easy accessibility.
Techjockey offers demo for Fitcode for interested buyers to get a better understanding of the software before purchase. To avail the demo please request a call.
No, your customers don’t have to pay any extra charges for access to the software.

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