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Lab Mate

Lab Mate

From Healthcare Software

What is LabMate? LabMate is a Lab management software that is used by pathology labs, X-ray centres and ultrasound and medical diagnostic centres. These centres store a number of specimen samples, ultrasounds, CT scans and MR investigations for the patients that are sent by physicians, laboratories and hospitals. The software helps in generating reports for the patients and physicians. Patients’ records are kept for future referencing, billing or generating MIS reports. The software aids in quality control and proper assessment of the results. Some of the key functions that LabMate app performs are centralized patient booking and booking slip issuance, recording of lab results, maintenance of daily collection and balances, and performing diagnosis-wise trends. What are the main functions of LabMate? LabMate performs three main tasks - they are patient booking, result reporting and lab management. Result reporting: The main role of Lab Management is to give critical controlling reports. Patient Booking: Patient Booking consists of adding the patient details, marking the exact tests for the patient(s) after proper diagnosis and issuing a booking slip. The details of a patient such as name, sex, age and the referred doctor are recorded in this stage for reporting the results to the patient. Lab Tests Reporting: The tests are marked by double-clicking a test from a list. Patient Billing & Invoice Generation: The total charges are automatically added by LabMate and can be readily seen on the screen of the software. The slip generated after booking becomes a reference for the patient to go to various departments for tests and also use it to collect report(s) at the time of delivery. Patients also get a bill post-booking. Pricing of LabMate The cost of the software is available on request of the customers. You simply need to drop us your unique requirements and we will get back to you with a more personalised quotation. You can even call us for getting a demo of the software and our customer care team will be happy to support you in all aspects. After buying the product, we will be providing you with an activation key to let you start working with the latest version of LabMate. In case your budget doesn’t match with the product, users can also opt for LabMate alternatives to the software from us. How is Lab Management and Information Reporting done through the software? Requirements: The centre-in-charge of a laboratory requires daily inputs like total workload, tests already conducted and the ones that are left, it also requires details about the number of patients that have arrived at the clinic, total collection reports done and printed and the ones that are yet to be printed. Period: The software provides these reports for comprehensive lab management. These reports are produced for a day or for a number of periods. Reporting: The labs that have business links with doctors, nursing homes or other institutions can print their business reports on a periodic basis as well. The ones which work under some companies, the same reports are generated for billing them. LabMate is a Lab management software that is used by pathology labs, X-ray centres and ultrasound and medical diagnosti... Read More About Lab Mate
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021