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What is Kissflow? Kissflow is a business process management software that is specifically designed to manage the workflow of an organization and increase the productivity of its operations. It also manages employee attendance effectively. You can integrate various applications with this software to provide a custom application that suits your business needs. The software comes inbuilt with over 14 customizable field types and offers employee onboarding, vacation request, travel reimbursement, and tailor-made reporting to suit your workflow automation needs. It also provides valuable insights into your business. You can track, manage and optimize all your work through this single platform. This workflow management software helps in project and case management and also offers collaboration for garnering productive discussions centered on your work. Important Features of Kissflow for the Process and Case Management One of the key areas that the software helps is in case management. Some of the features of Kissflow for both process and case management are as follows: Process Management The process management feature is specifically designed to enhance productivity. It offers visual workflows, fluid workflows, access control, along with insightful analytics into your business. Easy-to-use Interface: The software offers an uncomplicated and simple design interface that enables you to use it seamlessly. Real-time Analytics: You get to know the state of your business processes through the custom metrics of the software. No Coding: One doesn’t need to have coding knowledge for managing business processes. Case Management The dynamic case management feature of Kissflow puts users in total control of their workflows. Incident Management: Users can report any incidence and accordingly take corrective measures. Ticketing: One can assign tickets quickly among various representatives and also track the progress to find responsive solutions. Bug Tracking: By using this software, users get instant access to all the bug status as per their priorities. Pricing of Kissflow There are 3 pricing plans available for this software. These are: Small Businesses: The cost of this plan is Rs. 1,25,160 for a year. Growing Businesses: The Growing Businesses plan of Kissflow comes for Rs. 34,300 per year. Enterprise: This plan comes for Rs. 70,000 per year. Please feel free to contact our experts for any queries. You can also request a callback and we will provide you with all the guidance regarding activation and license key, usage and even renewal of your chosen plan. Unique Features of Kissflow for Collaboration and Project Management The software helps a lot when it comes to project management and team collaboration. Project Management - By keeping an eye on your business goals, the software adapts to your workflow accordingly. The on-hold feature of the software ensures there is accurate data supply regarding your project(s) so that you can manage your precious time. It takes care of the design and implementation part of your project. Collaboration - This function of the software makes sure there are effective meetings, happier employees, faster recruitment and better productivity at both the employee and the business end. You can perform a power search for archived and current content across every channel and make important announcements to keep your team updated. You can also conduct surveys and display real-time results through this software. One can even create different types of content and share them across various platforms through a simple drag and drop technology. Are there any alternatives of Kissflow? Some of the alternatives to the software are Ubitech SugarCRM, Freshservice and Workmarshal Project Management Software. You can contact us for getting more info and support regarding these alternatives. Kissflow is a business process management software that is specifically designed to manage the workflow of an organizat... Read More About Kissflow
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Last Updated on : 24 Jun, 2021