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What is Videoscribe? Videoscribe is a whiteboard video editing tool. It is a special kind of video editing tool that allows you to make animated videos that resemble drawing on a whiteboard with a marker. Videoscribe is easy to use, and the tools supplied enable users to design their videos at a high pace. You can generate a presentable video in no time. Videoscribe is dominating marketing because of its attractive design and presentation. Users do not need to have expertise in designing to start working on Videoscribe. It is straightforward to use; novices can start with creating videos on Videoscribe with little to no inconvenience. Videoscribe is a flawless video designing software and Cartoon Animation software, and it has quite a prestigious customer base. It is widely used by BBC, University of British Columbia, World Bank Group, and New Your city department of education, among many others. Features of Videoscribe Videoscribe is a great tool for people in creative design jobs, it gives them the full freedom to express their ideas in a very presentable and succinct manner. Here are a few features listed below that allows you to do so: Drag and Drop: Videoscribe allows users to drag images from their computer into the Videoscribe editing bar. This feature provides them access to a vast gallery of customizable images and music bits to add in their videos. The subscription also provides you the access to buy premium images from the Videoscribe catalog. Control and Customize Your Experience: Have full control over your design. Design and customize with your ideas as Videoscribe offers you the top of the class tools that makes your videos look beautiful. The whiteboard animation looks smooth and fluid. Easy to Use: Work with cutting-edge animation tools that are easy to use. It provides you with a simple, easy-to-use toolset that lets you add text, images, music, voiceover, hand, and many others. It is easy to work your way to an exciting and beautifully designed video when your toolset is as easy as Videoscribe’s. Begin Quickly: Videoscribe offers a walkthrough to all its users and makes the process interactive. It has little snippets of videos that give you knowledge about every single tool that you will use to edit your video. It also gives you extra tips on how to make your videos look more appealing. 24/7 Support: Videoscribe has one of the most active customer support systems online. It is providing help to its users to overcome issues round the clock. It also offers you free access to its creative forum where you can get advice, support, tips, and tricks from users and designing experts. Price of Videoscribe Videoscribe provides user licenses to single users and creative teams. The prices vary on factors such as the size of the team, the duration for which the license is being availed, payment format, and many others. To know more about the price related details please get in touch with us. Request a call and our sales expert team will contact you. Videoscribe is a whiteboard video editing tool. It is a special kind of video editing tool that allows you to make anim... Read More
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Last Updated on : 20 Apr, 2021