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Rasa Platform
What is Rasa Platform? Rasa Platform is one of the best conversational AI Platform Software. Its chatbot services are ahead of the curve; its functionality goes beyond mere FAQ services. Rasa platform provides machine learning tools for developers to create, upgrade, and locate context-sensitive chatbots. Rasa adds context to your chatbots. It automates text and voice-oriented conversations from end to end and integrates with your application program and can connect to any channel. It reduces your dependability on human interaction as it keeps constant insights into customer interactions and evolves itself. Rasa platform has a fast-growing developer community where AI enthusiasts are continually improving its features and branching out. Some leading companies that use the Rasa platform for their services are Lemonade, N26, Adobe, HCA Healthcare, Orange, among many others. Features of Rasa Platform Rasa Platform gives state-of-the-art chatbot services to its clientele, and with every update, developers are continually taking it to new heights. Here are a few features listed below: Message Comprehension: The Rasa platform has an advanced feature of turning free-form text in any language into structured data. It fully supports single and multiple intents, to handle queries smartly and can be both pre-trained and customized for organization entities. Conversation Management: The Rasa platform gives engaging chatbots. It can handle back-and-forth conversations that memorize context with machine-learning-based dialogue management. It seamlessly integrates your business logic. Interactive Learning: Chatbots deployed by Rasa generates training data by talking to your assistant and giving feedback when it makes an error. It is adaptable and can keep pace with changing market trends. Connectivity to Messaging Channels: Rasa Platform can run its assistant chatbots on every messaging channel. Be it slack, Facebook messenger, google hangout, or custom channels developed by businesses. API Integration: Rasa platform can interact with other APIs and systems through custom actions. Dashboard Facilities: Rasa lets you view and annotate conversations. You can now filter, flag, and fix discussions that weren’t well responded and continuously improve your chatbot assistant. Easy Deployment: Rasa is available as ready to deploy docker container and orchestrated to run Rasa on-premise or using your choice of cloud service. Pricing for Rasa Platform Rasa Platform prices vary on the user-customization and size of the operation. Hence, the prices are flexible. Please request a call, and our team will get in touch with you as early as possible. Rasa Platform is one of the best conversational AI Platform Software. Its chatbot services are ahead of the curve; its... Read More About Rasa Platform
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021