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Sejda PDF

Sejda PDF

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What is Sejda? Sejda is an online PDF editor with which you can perform any operations on a PDF document as per your needs. With this easy-to-use and productive software, one can simply edit his or her PDF document or choose from over 30 PDF tools to perform any other functionality. Sejda software helps with editing, deletion, merging and splitting of PDF file(s). The application also enables users to protect, watermark and flatten their PDF document(s). Furthermore, users can perform other operations such as Bates Numbering, N-Up, OCR, Grayscale conversion, etc. How can users rotate and save PDF pages permanently using Sejda? Users need to start by uploading their PDF document from their computer or dragging and dropping it to the space provided. You may also select a document from Google Drive or Dropbox, followed by choosing the pages you wish to rotate. The software allows pages to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise or flipped horizontally. One may choose to rotate all pages or specific pages depending upon their needs. Users may even choose to rotate only odd or even pages. The final rotated document stays private and is automatically deleted from Sejda’s servers after 2 hours. No charge is deducted for up to 200 pages or 50 MB of file conversion and 3 tasks per hour. How can users recognize & convert text with OCR? First of all, users need to upload PDF files from the computer or drag and drop files to the specified box for uploading. This is followed by specifying the language of the document(s) as the OCR process works best if the language is specified. Finally, one needs to convert the scanned PDF to a searchable PDF document or a text-only file as per the requirements. But one should take out both the searchable PDF as well as the plain text file version for staying on the safe side. Free service is provided for documents up to 10 pages and PRO service for up to 100 pages. Pricing of Sejda There are 3 pricing plans available for Sejda. These are: Web Week Pass: The plan comes for Rs. 355/- for a week. Web Monthly: The valuation of the plan is Rs. 532/- for a month. Desktop+Web Annual: This plan comes for Rs. 4473/- per year. How to convert PDF files to Grayscale? First of all, one needs to click the ‘Upload’ button after the selection of files from the local computer or Drive. One may also drag and drop files to the designated place. If the PDF is grayscale, only black ink is used for printing. One of the main features of this software is its ability to convert text to grayscale or simply black. This becomes very useful for offset printing. You may also skip images completely leaving them in their original colours. The main reasons behind the conversion of PDF files to grayscale are - a) it saves on coloured printer ink, and b) compresses the PDF to a relatively smaller size without compromising on the quality. Sejda is an online PDF editor with which you can perform any operations on a PDF document as per your needs. With this... Read More About Sejda PDF
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021