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What is iLovePDF? iLovePDF is a PDF editor and reader that is used for business purposes to edit and convert PDF from other file types and converting Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents to PDF versions. The software is quite easy to use and you can get your job done within a few clicks. Different types of PDFs can be exported using this software by performing various actions like merge, split, compress, rotate, watermark, etc. How effective is iLovePDF? iLovePDF is a PDF extracting software that allows to edit documents into PDF and vice-versa effectively. Users can merge two or more PDFs together, thereby saving space as well as time. There are options to add page number, watermarks to your logo and to edit it as per your need. Provisions of compressing the PDF files or organizing them are also available, allowing you to create a nice presentation. One of the most important features of the software is its repairing abilities. By uploading a defective file, you can effectively rectify it. Since a user can carry out a wide range of tasks as far as documentation needs are concerned, it becomes quite useful for all-purpose needs. How Secure is the Data on iLovePDF? iLovePDF comes with a variety of security options. It enables users to unlock files by removing passwords for easy access. Also, correspondingly one can protect their files with passwords to keep their data safe. There is a useful feature of converting PDF documents into PDF/A files to preserve documents for a long time. You can rotate files by moving the mouse over a document and clicking on the appropriate icon. If there are more than 10 files, it can be automatically done in the pop-up window. There are provisions to upload and process files but the execution depends upon the size of files chosen. Users can store the necessary files into the cloud for future reference and work over it on-the-go from any mobile device. It is convenient to use and can be integrated with Google Chrome and is readily available on the Playstore. Pricing of iLovePDF There are three types of plans available for iLovePDF. These are: Registered: This is absolutely free. Premium (Web): This plan comes for Rs. 23,968 / month. Premium (Desktop + Web): The valuation of this plan is Rs. 40,000 / month. You can request a callback to get the best quote from our experts. iLovePDF is a PDF editor and reader that is used for business purposes to edit and convert PDF from other file types an... Read More About iLovePDF
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021