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What is WhiteSmoke? WhiteSmoke is a online grammar checker software. The software offers high quality features for users to check errors in their written content. It checks the content for essential factors, such as: Tense form Spelling Punctuation Writing style, etc. WhiteSmoke works as a 360-degree writing companion for users which covers all the needs. It provides detailed analysis to enhance the quality of the content. The grammar checking software performs correction and error detection through statistical and rule-based logical algorithms. WhiteSmoke offers direct integration with writing applications such as MS Word and Outlook for instant verification while writing. This online grammar checking software also offers features for checking the plagiarism in content. It verifies the written content through a billion websites online and checks where the content is plagiarized from in relatively short amount of time. WhiteSmoke Grammar checker helps users to write content which is correct, unique, and authentic. What features does WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software online offer? Here is a list of features offered by WhiteSmoke: Proofreading Spell checker Writing style checker Grammar checker Translator Punctuation checker Content-based templates Browser integration Multilingual interface supports up to 50 languages MS Word and Outlook integration What is the USP of WhiteSmoke App for Grammar Checking? White Smoke is a must-have grammar checker software as it helps users not only check for plagiarism in their content but also introduce enhancement in their writing. It is an integrated package of tools that corrects grammar, punctuation, spellings, etc. It assists writers to be on the top of their game. White Smoke is not only limited to students and educators but other organizational users, as it offers integration with Outlook and browsers to check any grammatical errors in emails. Plus, the software has pre-built templates for various types of businesses to ensure accurate documentation. What is the price of WhiteSmoke Online Grammar Checking Software? WhiteSmoke Pricing Web Starting Price ₹440.00 Premium Starting Price ₹590.00 Business Starting Price Price On Request WhiteSmoke is available for individual and corporate usage as one and three-year plans. Please request a call for further inquiries. WhiteSmoke is a online grammar checker software. The software offers high quality features for users to check errors i... Read More About WhiteSmoke
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Last Updated on : 23 Jun, 2021