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What is Grammarly? Grammarly is a productivity management software powered by artificial intelligence that helps users correct grammatical mistakes in their writings. Grammarly grammar check software offers intuitive suggestions, helping its users to correct spelling mistakes within their content and enhance the quality of their content in a significant way. Moreover, with Grammarly online, users can check the tone of their writing and also get a clear idea of how their readers are going to react after reading the content. The document-specific PDF reports offered by Grammarly Online software contains detailed alerts for all detected issues within the writing. It offers platform-specific writing suggestions as well, allowing users to write high-quality content for Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and other web-based platforms. Users also get access to personalized writing reports, helping users to track their progress and identify the areas of improvement with ease. What is Grammarly’s tone detector? The tone detector is a tool offered by grammar checker software, enabling its users to deliver their message in the right tone to the intended readers in an efficient manner. Grammarly sentence checker software analyzes the words chosen by the writer, considers the phrases, punctuations, and capitalization used by them. It identifies the tone of their writing and offers relevant suggestions in real-time. The intuitive changes suggested by Grammarly online grammar check makes the writing more clear and engaging as well. Thus giving a professional and polished look to the content. Pricing of Grammarly Grammarly sentence grammar check software is available as per the following pricing plans: Premium Version - The plan is available at a price of Rs.2250 on a monthly basis. Business Version - The plan is available at a price of Rs.11250 on a yearly basis. Interested users can send in a callback request, and our product experts will offer you relevant support regarding activation and pricing. Compatible platforms for Grammarly Grammar Corrector Grammarly is one of the best Grammar checker software that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across various devices with a stable internet connection. Benefits of using Grammarly Grammar Checker Software: Quality Checker: Grammarly Online for spelling and grammar check analyzes the words chosen by its users, monitors their typing styles, spelling mistakes, placing of punctuation marks, and offers suggestions from time to time. Compatibility: Users can add an extension of Grammarly for Chrome and use it to write professional content for multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. Grammarly Premium: Grammarly Premium helps its users to enhance the quality of their writing, as it offers style-specific suggestions and also helps users to detect plagiarisms within their written content and add citations as well. Detects your tone: Grammarly grammar checking software analyzes its user’s writing tone, phrasing, punctuations and offers relevant suggestions to enhance their writing quality before the writer publishes the text. Grammarly is a productivity management software powered by artificial intelligence that helps users correct grammatical... Read More About Grammarly
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Last Updated on : 19 Jun, 2021