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Hello English
What is Hello English? Hello English is a mobile app and web-based learning software that helps you learn English through your native language. Currently, it supports 23 languages. It has a learner base of over 53 million worldwide and is growing continuously. It provides you 30-minute long study slots daily. These slots contain sentences and phrases in your native language. These also include translations and pronunciations of sentences and phrases and provides you with helpful tips. Hello English is a stellar application for people who want to learn spoken English from scratch. It provides short pieces of content that is easy to consume and remember and gives you improved retention. Hello English makes the content more accessible to consume by delivering it in your native language. Features of Hello English Hello English comes with amazing features to boost your spoken English skills by involving you in games, puzzles and simple content modules. Here are a few features of Hello English listed for you: Interactive Lessons: Hello English provides a stunning set of 475 interactive lessons that are 100% free to use. Dictionary: Use dictionary to learn brand new words and their pronunciation. Improve your vocab. Offline Access: Hello English provides you the ease of learning from anywhere, anytime as it doesn’t need internet access for taking English lessons. Word Games: Hello English gives you reading, writing, listening and spoken drills with quick results and tips to improve your grip on grammar. News Reading: Inculcate English reading habits with reading news daily in Hello English and learn new words and their usage. Practice and Improve: Speak into the app and improve your spoken English skill. Prices for Hello English You cn also avail the premium plan of Hello English. Please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest. Hello English is a mobile app and web-based learning software that helps you learn English through your native language... Read More About Hello English
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Last Updated on : 16 May, 2021