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What is PulseHRM? PulseHRM is a complete human resource management solution that aims to help organizations perform different business processes and get significant data insights on the same. The cloud-based platform is useful for monitoring employees’ attendance and leave management, settling claims, managing payrolls, tracking assets, etc. The software also supports active integration with biometric technology and offers comprehensive visitor management tools. PulseHRM also helps organizations sort their online onboarding process, and configure multiple protocols to enhance employee retention levels. How does PulseHRM help organizations in managing their payroll? PulseHRM comes up with a dedicated payroll management module with which organizations can streamline the following purposes: Complicated payroll components can be configured in a hassle-free and accurate way. Automated TDS deductions & tax filing makes payroll processing less complicated. Time integration helps in calculating accurate payments for part-time and overtime works. Employees can access their payslips which keeps the process transparent. The payroll monitoring solution is also capable of handling year-end reports like TDS and Form-16. Pricing of PulseHRM The pricing of PulseHRM is available on request. For more information, you can request for a callback. Our marketing experts will get back to you as per your convenience. Benefits of PulseHRM Visitor Management: The visitor monitoring system helps enterprises get print outs for custom visitor badges and assign QR codes to them. They can also generate detailed reports at regular intervals, pre-register individual visitors, and get NDAs and other legal documents completed for each visitor. Project Management: With PulseHRM, managers get to assign tasks to individual employees, set milestones and measure the overall progress levels. They can also get to add project relevant files from their Dropbox or Google Drive, and specify the deadline of a project. Admin Dashboard: The Admin dashboard offers a comprehensive view of all the major components related to HR management, attendance, payroll, onboarding and more, facilitating better collaboration and enhanced decision making. PulseHRM is a complete human resource management solution that aims to help organizations perform different business pr... Read More About PulseHRM
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Last Updated on : 18 Jun, 2021