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Wallet HR

Wallet HR

From HR Software

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What is Wallet HR? Wallet HR is a cloud-based program that offers complete human capital management (HCM) solutions to large and MSME enterprises, enabling them to get repetitive tasks automated and optimized in an efficient manner. With the solution, enterprises can simplify multiple core Human Resource operations, including Recruitment Management, Attendance Management, Leave Management, Payroll Management, Performance Management, Time Tracking, Travel Management, Task Management, Exit Management etc. The flexible system adapts to any vertical, and helps organizations uncover relevant insights from the available database. Enterprises can leverage the HRM software to optimize operational expenses and improve their bottom line. The analytical system provides organizational charts and vacant positions, mentioning the duration of actual vacancies. Enterprises can further configure asset management, visitor management, employee skill development, and other crucial processes. An intuitive Grievance Management module, can help organizations address and resolve internal conflicts, and protect employees from retaliation at the same time. How does the Exit Management module offered by Wallet HR help enterprise’s get their disengagement process simplified? The entire process of disengagement from resignation to full and final settlement can be centrally managed using this individual portal. Automation: Employees can digitally tender their resignation appeals. The system directs the requests to respective managers and HR personnel for approval. Further, it facilitates online clearance approvals by concerned managers, across the entire enterprise structure. The system also helps to process full and final payments after getting NOCs from all departments. Smooth Transition: With easy to navigate workflows, enterprises can configure a smooth exit process for individual employees, creating a favorable impression on departing employees, besides managing assets and other vital clearance approvals in an efficient manner. Documentation: Vital documents ranging from resignation letters, notice period approvals, documents submitted for verification, settlement verifications, exit interviews, and relieving certificates, can be managed with Wallet HR, facilitating easy storage and retrieval. Pricing of Wallet HR The pricing of Wallet HR solution is available on request. If interested, find out more about it by requesting a callback. Our technical specialists will get in touch with you at early as possible. Benefits of Wallet HR FlexiPay: Employees can opt for flexible payout options and configure the components of their Flexi-pay within predefined limits, based on grades. They can raise online claims and submit attached bills, required for verification purposes. From there, the finance department can forward the workflow and either approve or reject the claims after digital verification. With Wallet HR, organizations can settle Flexi-pay claims either during pay runs or process them separately. Ticketing: Employees can utilize internal ticketing help-desk modules to raise service-related issues. They can map categories and subcategories to manage tickets. With the module, organizations can produce both single and multi-manager clearance workflows to get category based issues resolved in real-time. Eedo: Employees can use Eedo, the AI-powered assistant, to perform certain activities and fetch details on their behalf. Eedo chatbot is both text and voice-driven. Thus helping out the human resource workforce to automate and manage a multitude of tasks such as attendance, payroll, leave, employee information, etc. Thus reducing the workload and operative hours of the HR department. Canteen Monitoring: Organizations can link canteen devices with the HR system, configuring the breakfast, lunch and dinner tokens, to get them printed. The integrated program helps to fetch biometric data and send expense reports in a detailed manner. Organizations can also get visitor’s expenses billed separately. Wallet HR is a cloud-based program that offers complete human capital management (HCM) solutions to large and MSME ente... Read More About Wallet HR
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What is Fieldtrac? Fieldtrac is an application and software that is used for route mapping and tracking of field force sales employees. It allows managers to monitor setup time and route through which the field force representative travel. The complete control over the field force process enables companies to reduce costs and improve their timings. Fieldtrac helps managers get a complete grasp of the field force employee’s time management with respect to every client. Furthermore, the employee gps tracking software generates comprehensive reports through their GPS and workflow data. It also allows companies to manage their finances better as they can now effectively check for how much fuel per km was used by an individual field force representative. Benefits of Fieldtrac Here are some benefits that companies can get from the deployment of Fieldtrac: Plan and enhance customer visits for saving time Employees can locate a team member on the GPS-powered map with the teammate’s image. Field force executives can fill custom forms that are mapped according to their user roles. Setup follow-up call schedules and receive automated reminders. Managers can receive accurate record of the distance the executive has travelled along with its route map. Executives can instantly click pictures of their bills as attachment and upload it in the system for enhanced accountability. Features of Fieldtrac Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Fieldtrac: Task scheduling Custom forms Sales force tracking Follow up scheduling Flexibility in data entry Easy conveyance calculation Comprehensive report generation What is the price of Fieldtrac? Fieldtrac is available in five different plans based on the number of employees companies seek to accommodate, these are: ₹6,000/- for 1-20 employees ₹6,279/- for 21-50 employees ₹12,699/- for 51-100 employees ₹15,049/- for 101-300 employees ₹29,799/- for over 301 employees Fieldtrac is an application and software that is used for route mapping and tracking of field force sales employees. I... Read More About FieldTrac
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021