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Wallet HR is a comprehensive hr management software and Payroll software india which automates the entire gambit of the HR department. Wallet-HR helps enterprises in maximizing its workforce productivity. The Hire 2 Retire solution gives the stakeholders information when it matters in a way they require. The robust solution is tightly integrated and comes with over 15 modules. Wallet-HR suite consists of - Recruitment Management, Attendance Management, Payroll, Performance Management, Learning & Development, HR Analytics, Employees Dashboard, Task manager, Travel Management, Canteen Management, Visitor Management Mobile Application and Exit Management.



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Operating system

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Hardware Configuration :

P4 Core 2 Duo or upwards 

1GB RAM 40-80 Hard Disk 1

Server - Processor: Core i7 or Xeon 16GB RAM 500 GB Enterprise Grade HDD (10,000 rpm at least) MS SQL Server 2008/2012 

Software Configuration :

OS:- Above i3 Processor

Windows 7 and above - Prof. edition - SP2 and above Ms Excel 

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Organization type :


Mid Market






Industries :

  • All Industries

About Crystal HR

CrystalHR & Security Solutions is an HRMS software development company in Chennai. They provide a complete solution for managing the total life cycle of an employee (Hire to Retire solution). CrystalHR has been serving clients for over 9 years now – CrystalHR's clientele is spread across several industry verticals and has found the product to be dynamic, making it suitable for any industry. Wallet HR handles the entire spectrum of HR activities, making it a one-stop, for all HR automation requirements.
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Core HR consists of the following 
• Data capture pertaining to Employee Academic qualifications, Previous employment, Family member details, documents upload and Employee review pertaining to awards, disciplinary action, etc.

• Various date based reminders by email to Employee, Manager and HR

• Skill set analysis • Various letter templates pertaining to Experience certificates, Relieving order, Salary certificate, etc

• Email functionality to select group of employees, single employee or all employees

• Vacancies status can be viewed

Position Settings

• Short listing of candidates.

• Updating interview status.

• Salary fitment comparison.

• Offer letter generation.

• Data entry by candidate on the joining details like the Experience certificate, relieving letter, bank account, photo, etc

• Updating joined status.

• Integration to payroll. 

  • attendance management software helps in keeping track of the attendance of employees based on various events like shift, late, overtime, week off, holiday working, on duty etc. 24 hrs.  is tightly integrated with HR data, leaves and payroll where the leave management can be offline or online. 
    In-time and out-time are taken from the time recording machine or database file on a continuous basis and various MIS are generated from this system 
  • Shift management 
    24 Hrs. attendance software could manage multiple shifts in an organization.  Night shifts are automatically managed based on the shift time. Shift entry is mandatory to generate reports pertaining to other attendance events.  Shift can be entered manually or imported from excel. 
    Shift can be swapped between employees 
    Late management 
    24 Hrs. attendance software manages late as parameter in the application.  Grace time can be set. Other late parameters are captured to facilitate deduction from payroll or set off against any particular type of leave 
    Email would be generated to the managers mapped in the system at the beginning of the shift 
    Overtime management 
    24 Hrs. attendance software calculates overtime on the basis of excess stay beyond the normal shift timings. Minimum overtime minutes are captured as part of the settings. Overtime should be approved by the manager for payment or compensatory off. 
    Manual attendance 
    In the event of the failure of the employee to punch/swipe or on account of failure on the part of hardware, in-time and out-time can be entered manually for individual employee or can be imported for all employees in 24 Hrs. attendance software 
    In 24 Hrs. Night shift would be calculated based on the timings set in the system.  If any special allowances are paid on the basis of night shift, number of days of night shift for the month would be calculated by the system for integrating with payroll
  • Dynamic creation of pay groups or category 
  • • Detailed employee master information consisting of academic qualifications, personal details, training details, languages known, Previous employment, Family , emergency and nominee details 
  • • Dynamic creation of earnings and deductions components and their calculations 
  • • Online PF 
  • • Online ESI 
  • • Professional tax computation on the basis of salary range for different States 
  • • Data export and import  for master, monthly inputs, past data and increments 
  • • Increment and arrears calculation • Loans and advances tracking 
  • • Final Settlement 
  • • Numerous report generation using Report wizard 
  • • Gratuity calculation 
  • • User defined payslip 
  • • Payslip through Email 
  • • Resume and photo attachment in employee master 
  • • Income tax calculations 
  • • Form 16 
  • • Annual return in Excel sheet for upload
  • Well integrated to 24 Hrs. attendance system
  • Facilitates online submission of leave, permission and on-duty
  • Intimation to respective manager’s by mail
  • Approval/rejection by the respective manager
  • Leave details view based on Org. structure
  • Dynamic leave rule settings based on various leave types
  • Leave request forward to next manager in a particular manager’s absence
  • Daily view of time-in and time-out by respective employee

 Company announcements 

• Birthday list for the date to facilitate wishes from other employees 

• Wedding anniversary list for the date to facilitate wishes from other employees

• Thought of the day 

• Company job openings for employees to refer 

• Employee polling 

• Buy and Sell of goods between employees 

• Company events 

• New Joiners for the month 

• Promotions for the month 

• Service Anniversary 

 HR login to enter branch data 

• Employee login to add/edit master data 

• Payslip viewing and printing 

• PF balances view 

• TDS declaration entry 

• TDS worksheet view 

• Dynamic Link creation like leave policy, Travel policy etc with relevant attachments—user rights based 

• Video upload for viewing – user rights based 


  • Dynamic definition of KRA for employees
  • Employee self-rating
  • Manager’s rating
  • Reviewer’s rating
  • Recommendation for increment, promotion, and training


Any number of Projects can be defined 

• Projects can be assigned to a project manager with effective start date and end date 

• Projects can be assigned to team members with effective start date and end date 

• Tasks can be assigned to project and to team members 

• Employees can fill the draft time sheet in advance to save time with the possible project that they will be doing the following week 

• Employees can call the draft then enter the work hours – here project would be populated from the draft without the need to re-enter. Time sheet can be integrated to our leave system, where in the leave and holiday would automatically be populated in the time sheet 

• Holidays can be different for different geographies 

• Time sheet has the option to choose ‘Work from home’

• Employees on bench/shadow can choose accordingly to fill the time sheet 

• Time sheet can be approved/rejected by the project manager 

• Time sheet can be approved/rejected by the reporting manager for bench and shadow 

• Email alerts to managers for approval in HTML format whereby managers can approve/reject on the mail itself without logging on to the application 

• Billing to client (Optional) 


Employee movement 
• Separation  
• New Joinees 
• Experience status 
• Age group analysis 
• Gender analysis 
• Month wise attrition 
• Quarterly attrition 
• Half yearly attrition 
• Annual attrition 
• Pay summary based on attribute 
• Cost count matrix 
• Promotions 
• Increments 
• Pay component comparisons 
• Dynamic data wizard 
• Various charts based on master and earning components 

• Training Calendar 
• Training Budget 
• Training request by employee 
• Training approval by manager 
• Training registration 
• Training attendance 
• Training feedback
• Special training request by employee 
• Manager approval 
• Training Costs 
• Training history 
• Training hours shortfall 
• Budget vs Variance 
• Training hours attended 
• Training conducted for a period 
• Report on additional training requisitions 

Analyse the concepts of a learning culture in an organization 
• Discuss the emphasis of learning culture 
• Courses are mapped across departments & designations 
• Dynamic set of question patterns can be set against each course 

• Top manager can assign a task to any employee of all managers under him 
• Email alert to employee for entering assigned task 
• Email alert to manager to know about assigned task status 
• Various MIS reports pertaining to task 

• Travel request

• Travel approval (Multiple approval)

• Expense definition

• Advance approval

• Admin Ticket booking

• Exchange rate is captured for each currency.

• Expense claim based on grades

• Expense approval by HOD

• Expense process by finance

• Expense payout

• Integration of accounting entries to SAP

• Various reports pertaining to above

• Canteen turnstile would work only from the pre-defined timings 
• Integration with employee master from attendance application 
• Finger prints transfer to canteen biometric machines from the master database 
• Data capture would be based from biometric machine 
• Tokens would be issued in advance, General shift employees can access for lunch and the other shifts can have breakfast and dinner 
• Any continuation shift employee shall take free lunch based on the approval by the manager 
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner count shall be based on pre-defined timings 
• Card based canteen access for visitors 
• Report on breakfast, lunch and dinner consumed for a period for all employees for salary deduction in excel format 
• Details of visitor should be entered for the report purpose 
• Report on visitors count for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a period 
• SAP interface file to be created for canteen deductions 

1. Visitor data capture and photo once.
2. Retrieval of data again by either mobile number or Name without the need to enter the visitor data again. 
3. Visitor pass printing with photo. 
4. Closure of visitor pass after visitor exits the organisation. 
5. Number of active visitors in the organisation at any point of time. 
6. Repeated visitor for the same staff on a periodical basis. 
7. Email to staff about the visitor (Network and employee database link mandatory)

• List of Grievance master 
• Employee can raise a grievance from the available list 
• Mail flow to Manager to resolve 
• If manager cannot resolve within a time frame, escalated to HR 
• If HR cannot resolved within stipulated time, escalated to CEO 
• Reporting on the grievances summar

Employee Can

• View the attendance data - In time, out time, late, permission and shortfall hours.

• Can apply for leave, permission and on-duty through the mobile app.

• View the leave balance, pending, approval, rejection, etc. • View his payslips, tax worksheet, form16, PF summary data, etc,.

• View company policies, announcements, events, thoughts, polls, job openings, birthday, wedding anniversary, service anniversary of the colleagues, magazines/ newsletters, video, etc,.

• Employee can also enter his personal data. 
HR Can

• Enter the leave the details of an employee in his mobile.(In addition to the employee Can) 
Manager Can:

• (In addition to the employee Can) All the requests can be approved/ rejected by the manager through the mobile app instantly. '

• All the above will sync to the central server. 

The application is available on Android. 

Online submission of resignation 
• Notice period approval by Manager 
• Check list verification by Manager 
• Check list verification by Admin 
• Check list verification by HR 
• HR approval for Full and Final settlement 

Plans and Pricing




  • Core HR
  • Recruitment Management System (On Boarding)
  • 24 Hrs. Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Employee Information Portal ( Employee Dashboard)
  • Online Leave Management System
  • Timesheet
  • HR Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Learning & Development
  • Task Management
  • Travel Management System
  • Canteen Management System
  • Visitor Management System


Wallet HR helps in automating complete employee life cycle management from hire to retire with cutting edge HR Analytics




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Below are some frequently asked questions for Wallet HR

Q. What do you mean by HRMS?

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package

Q. Why is human resources important?

Human Resource Management deals with issues related to compensation, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, training and others. HRM plays a strategic role in managing people and the workplace culture and environment

Q. What is the purpose of human resources?

The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work. Essentially, the purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.

Q. What is e HRMS?

electronic-Human Resource Management System (e-HRMS). e-HRMS: electronic-Human Resource Management System (e-HRMS) has been launched. It is a step in the direction of fully automated Human Resource Management System with a target to bring all employees of Government of India on employee portal

Q. What are recruitment tools?

Seven recruitment tools you need

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Mobile recruiting tools.
  • Gamification.
  • Collaborative tools.
  • Location technology.
  • Video interviewing.
  • Internet sourcing.


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