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Net Monitor For Employee
What is Network Lookout Net Monitor for Employee? Network lookout net monitoring for employees provides an essential tool for managers, and it helps in tracking your employee activity to increase productivity in the workplace. It is top utility software for employee monitoring. Net Monitor enables you to follow all the data and file-sharing taking place in your organization. Net Monitor helps you protect the confidential information of your organization from unsupervised web activity. A network lookout net monitor for employees comes with an embedded desktop recording feature. This feature lets you access your employee’s desktop and checks what is opened or played on their desktop during work hours. The software also has an in-built utility that allows you to chat with your employees and get your work done without depending on any other application. Features of Network Lookout Net Monitor for Employees A network lookout net monitor is a top-quality software to track employee activity. Here’s a list of features that it has: Computer Screen Recorder: Network lookout has an in-built computer screen recorder that allows employers to record employee’s screen at specific intervals or in real-time. Employers are enabled to export recorded footage in MPEG4 format or take screenshots in JPEG. Employers can also track if employees are away from the computer a lot. Recordings are saved in the employee’s computer and can be downloaded to the computer that is running the Network lookout net monitor. Website Blocking: With the net monitor employers can block websites by URL or by the keywords they want to. Whenever a blocked website is visited, employers have the option to display a custom message or redirection to a different URL or just close the browser. Reporting: The software gives employers to track employee’s computer application or process usage. It also helps employers gather internet browsing data or log keystrokes. Log keystrokes are used for capturing all the keyboard activity. It gives you access to all type of movement on a keyboard. This feature is important for companies that have confidential data to protect. This function works even when there is no internet connection. Prices for Network Lookout Net Monitor for Employees Network lookout net monitor for employee price comes in three different plans they are: Commercial license – Rs. 10,497/- per 5 computers Monthly Cloud license – Rs. 697/- per month Yearly Cloud license – Rs. 6297/- per year The software is available for a free trial; for demo please request a call and our sales expert will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Network lookout net monitoring for employees provides an essential tool for managers, and it helps in tracking your emp... Read More About Net Monitor For Employee
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021