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Oracle Aconex
What is Oracle Aconex Software? Oracle Aconex is a construction management software that is used for monitoring and managing the design, construction, and infrastructure of various energy and resources projects. This online collaboration platform is known for its transparency, flexibility and its capability to reduce the risks associated with project and field management This easy-to-use tool is also known for enhancing team collaboration as users can effectively carry out project management by working together as a team. How is Oracle Aconex Beneficial for Teams? Aconex is the primary solution for delivering projects digitally and has been successful in boosting the ROI of many of its users. It is used for managing teams of the world’s largest engineering and construction projects. This online platform is widely used by project teams and companies to quickly interpret the reports, drawings, BIM models, schedules, contracts, tenders, etc. Oracle Aconex is an expandable and easy-to-adapt online platform that enables engineering acquisition, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), collaborating projects, managing documents, and data, among many others. The software is a part of Oracle’s construction and Engineering Cloud. Oracle Aconex Price Aconex offers different pricing plans to handle projects of different designs and sizes. It comes in the following three categories based on your requirements - The Starter pack is suitable for SMEs willing to carry out their projects in a cost-effective way. The Professional plan allows users to have in-depth project control capabilities. The Enterprise plan enables users to have a continuous improvement by mitigating all potential risks while having greater visibility to the whole picture. You can request a callback to know more about additional offers, benefits, free demo period and other customizations (if any). Benefits of Using Oracle Aconex Oracle Aconex allows its users to carry on with a seamless design and construction collaboration and is suitable for a wide range of industries. Talking about the benefits of the software, we have the following - Secure Document Management - The software allows you to have quick access to all your documents and information, including designs, 3D models, RFI’s, reports, contracts and more. It ensures whether the users are able to access their projects anytime to get an accurate view of their performance, schedules, costs, design, etc. Drawing Management and Model Coordination - You can easily handle millions of models and documents without data limits. Quality Control and Safety Processes - The app helps manage the analysis cycle from a central platform. It also provides tools for discipline collaboration, design management, checklist, punch list, and defect analysis. For maintaining a decent safety check and quality control process, it automates and assimilates field-based work. It further helps in speeding up analysis time, reducing delays and driving accountability. Automation of Workflow - The application improves data capture, reduces intricacy and increases access through automation. Version Control - It makes sure that every team member working on a particular project is able to access, manage and retrieve the current version of all the data and information associated with it. Mobile Support - Oracle Aconex comes in mobile versions as well which allows users to carry out a smooth team collaboration in a hassle-free way from anywhere anytime. Packages and Lots - You can manage vendors, contracts, and bids in an efficient way by eliminating paperwork. Integrated Cost Management - With this tool, users can gain insights into budgets, projective outcomes, and forecasts, as well as track work packages and control accounts. Meeting and Task Organiser - The software can organize and manage all your meetings and project documents, thereby making it easier for each of the project participants to get all their information in one place. Oracle Aconex is a construction management software that is used for monitoring and managing the design, construction,... Read More About Oracle Aconex
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Last Updated on : 13 Jun, 2021