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Elcomsoft co. ltd. was founded in 1990 and has been developing digital forensic tools ever since. The company provides consulting ... Read More

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ElcomSoft Overview

Elcomsoft co. ltd. was founded in 1990 and has been developing digital forensic tools ever since. The company provides consulting service and training on mobile, and computer forensics to businesses and government. Elcomsoft is a certified Intel Premier Partner and Microsoft partner. The company provides a range of computer and mobile forensic tools, IT Security tools and corporate security solutions. 

ElcomSoft Details

  • . Location: Moscow, Russia
  • . Found Year: 1990
  • . Industry: Security and Investigations
  • . Company Size: 1-100
  • . Founder: Vladimir Katalov

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  • ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle
  • Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle
  • Elcomsoft System Recovery
  • Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer
  • Elcomsoft EFS Data Recovery


prosicon “I was very pleased with the help, advice and information that Techjockey pro Sorabh gave me for my new small business. He was extremely helpful and sent me information on three different software programs that were applicable to my business. I did end up choosing one of the companies and am very pleased!! Thank you!!” Sahil Sharma - May 30, 2018

prosicon “They were quick, I didn't spend a lot of time on the phone. The women I dealt with seemed to really understand our needs. I was recommended 4 applications and I have them narrowed down to 2 for the executive team to look at. Very impressed!” Akram Khan - Jun 6, 2018

prosicon “Elcomsoft Password Recovery is our standard. At whatever point a digital security administrations is required, the appropriate response is forever, how about we begin with Elcom Password Recovery.” Kamlesh Gattani - Feb 6, 2019


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consicon “N/A” Akram Khan - Jun 6, 2018


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prosicon “A company to offer you helpful advice is incredible and then to do it for free? un-heard of. I am so glad i chanced upon this company they got me going in the rite direction.” Jitesh Rathod - Jun 7, 2018

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prosicon “rapidly fix the basic issue of losing your Windows chairman secret key. On the off chance that you overlooked chairman secret phrase, at that point this fix is more probable than any to have the option to determine this issue. Utilizing this arrangement is likewise by a long shot the fastest technique to recuperate a lost secret key.” Kapil Sharma - Apr 15, 2019


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prosicon “This service was professional and incredibly fast in providing recommendations and booking appointments for reviewing demo packages of software.” Dildar Mondal - Jun 8, 2018

prosicon “Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer is a solid application that you can go to at whatever point you need to assess the information put away in your Google account.” Soumitra Bhowmik - Jan 16, 2019


consicon “N/A” Dildar Mondal - Jun 8, 2018


prosicon “these folks are great - they deliver what they promise. kudos and keep the streak of excellence going for all times! cheers” Dhanraj - Jun 8, 2018

prosicon “Progressed EFS Data Recovery empowers you to perform scans for finding scrambled records, and you can choose the circles. It offers time estimation for finishing the activity and showcases the quantity of examined records and encoded things. Contingent upon the span of the records on the circle, it may set aside some effort to do the examining activity.” Jainil - Feb 26, 2019

prosicon “elcomsoft-information recuperation Locking your vehicle to shield the road punks from taking it is brilliant. In any case, when you lock the keys inside it, that is an entire diverse security issue. Similarly, Windows conveniently scrambles private documents, yet numerous regular occasions can forget you bolted also. On the off chance that you've out and out overlooked the secret word, you're in a bad way. Had you recently upheld up your encryption qualifications, you could recapture access to your records, yet couple of clients have the prescience and specialized ability to do this. ” TAQI HUSSAIN Rizvi - May 19, 2019


consicon “N/A” Dhanraj - Jun 8, 2018

ElcomSoft FAQ’s

What type of company is ElcomSoft? alt

ElcomSoft is an IT solutions provider that caters to the process automation needs of millions of businesses in India with Cyber Security Software and Data Backup Software.

What does ElcomSoft do? alt

ElcomSoft provides customized and scalable Cyber Security Software and Data Backup Software, which is transforming business processes across industries. Its team of experts makes IT solutions implementation and usage quite simple.

Is ElcomSoft an Indian company? alt

ElcomSoft is headquartered in Moscow, Russia and is playing a significant role in the digitization of Indian businesses with Cyber Security Software and Data Backup Software.

What is ElcomSoft’s main product? alt

ElcomSoft primarily deals in Cyber Security Software and Data Backup Software and caters to personalized business needs with diverse modules.
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