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What is Ginesys? Ginesys is a point of sales software designed for Indian retailers. It enables business owners to seamlessly operate their storefront by assisting in optimizing their output through business intelligence. POS Software is widely recommended by retailers and offers real-time support services in over 40 different cities across the country. Ginesys has business-specific modules, that enable retailers to operate with ease. The software offers such modules for apparel and lifestyle brands, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. Every module has pre-existing specified tax rates for goods and services for retailers. Ginesys POS software introduces an innovative checkout system that includes self-checkout kiosks, barcode readers, mobile checkout, etc. to speed up the billing process. Operators are also enabled to manage rush hours effortlessly through the quick checkout processing. The software facilitates payment through all the major methods and automatically mails the bills to customers. Why Retailers Choose Ginesys? Ginesys POS presents innovative solutions to the challenges faced by retailers in their daily operations. The software allows cross-platform working with absolute ease. This POS software automatically adjusts GST rates whenever the government rolls out new tax percentages. Retailers are enabled to file their GST returns automatically as well. Ginesys uses EaseMyGST system to manage all tax-related workflows. The EasemyGST system automatically takes data from Ginesys POS system and uses it for filling GST forms. Retailers can set schedules to file returns and work hassle-free. Ginesys point of sale software offers efficient procurement and inventory modules that help in strategic planning of purchasing and sales. The business intelligence module generates reports on which vendors are offering the best price. In addition to that, the inventory module analyses which goods are in high demand and in-need of restocking. Features of Ginesys: Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Ginesys: Procurement Production Inventory Wholesale Distribution Finance Business analytics Retail POS M-POS Omni-channel retailing Customer Loyalty Replenishment E-commerce Business Intelligence Price of Ginesys: The price of Ginesys is Rs. 5000/- per month for HO users and Rs. 2500/- per month for POS users. The subscription is limited for up to 3 users only. Ginesys is a point of sales software designed for Indian retailers. It enables business owners to seamlessly operate t... Read More About Ginesys
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Last Updated on : 14 Jun, 2021