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About Payfunnels

What is Payfunnels? 

Payfunnels is a robust payment management software. This software facilitates safe and secure payment through platforms. People in business can incorporate it into their APIs and collect payment for their services. Payfunnels take very little time to install, and it's exceptionally easy to use interface makes it favourable among traders. 

Payfunnels payment gateway India supports international currency across 25 countries. The software facilitates businesses to go global. Payfunnels enable a flexible payment system as it caters to a one-time payment, recurring payments, and periodic payment plans. The periodic payment plan sends an automated reminder for instalment collection. 
Payfunnels is available for a 14-days trial that you can avail and check for yourself! 

Who are the targeted customers for Payfunnels?

Businesses predominantly use Payfunnels for invoicing and schedule payment. The payment management software is also used by freelancers and E-commerce companies, as it allows secure payments. 

What are the system requirements for Payfunnels? 

Payfunnels is a web-based payment management software that requires a web browser to access. Hence, there are no mandatory software or hardware requirement for the Payfunnels investment manager. Payfunnels investment software is also available for Android and iPhone platforms. 

What features does Payfunnels offer? 

Payfunnels payment management software offers numerous features that benefit businesses in simplifying payment collections. Here are a few listed below for better acquaintance with the investment management software

  1. Integration with communication and social media networks such as Facebook, Gmail, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WordPress, Skype, etc. 
  2. Scheduled Payments 
  3. Gateway Attachments such as debit cards, credit cards, etc. 
  4. Bank Level SSL Encryption 
  5. 1-Step Checkout 
  6. Desktop and Mobile Accessibility 
  7. Process Payments with Stripe
  8. International Currency 
  9. API Integration with your current system

What is the price of Payfunnels? 

Payfunnels payment management software starts from Rs. 1914 per month. The price can vary based on the size of operations required. For further inquiries, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Sold By : Payfunnels

Get Payfunnels support 15 Chatting right now

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Payfunnels Features

The payment management software offers currency support for more than 25 countries. It assists business people in taking their business international. 
Payfunnels offer a double user interface for businesses and customers. Its customer portal facilitates payment filing from the buyer’s end
Payfunnels offer payment gateways via online mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, etc. 
Get access to GST compliant invoicing and billing. 

Get Payfunnels support15 Chatting right now

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Payfunnels Specifications


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Payfunnels FAQs

You can change the default currency in your stripe account that is embedded in Payfunnels. The default currency is based on your location. You can access the “Advanced option” and edit the default currency.
Please log in to Payfunnels. Click invoices then the invoice you want to delete and go at the bottom of the page. Note: Please make sure no subscription exists in Payfunnels. To check, please go to Subscriptions.
Stripe charges have to be paid on every card transaction. It costs 20 rupees on every card transaction.
Copy following script in your HTML page. Replace the INVOICE_URL with the link from the invoice and change it with the following: Check Out OR
No, Payfunnels does not require any knowledge for coding. It does not even require coding for API integration.

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