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Portswigger Burp Suite

Sold by : PortSwigger


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About Portswigger Burp Suite

What is Portswigger Burp Suite?

Portswigger Burp Suite cyber security software developed for organizations to improve their online data protection system. The software uplifts the security standard and capability of a security testing. It uses new wave scanning technology that detects the threats in the system. Portswigger Burp Suite introduces newly developed out-of-band techniques (OAST) for augmentation of the old school scanning model. The collaborator feature enables Portswigger Burp Suite to assess the potential vulnerabilities that are completely undetectable in the application’s external behavior. It even reports vulnerabilities that are triggered asynchronously after scanning has been done.

Portswigger Burp Suite brings leading range and quality of cybersecurity tools. It enables data security teams/organizations to work at their full potential and deliver the best services. This cyber security software is one of the leading global solution to tackle cybercrime in offices. It can be used for examination of the whole OWASP top 10 and work seamlessly. Portswigger Burp Suite uses human-driven automation for quick working. Users can guide the machine learning algorithm to perform repetitive work for faster results. 

Features of Portswigger Burp Suite 

Here is a quick rundown of all the features offered by Portswigger Burp Suite: 

  1. Web vulnerability scanner
  2. Repetitive and scheduled scans 
  3. Unlimited scalability 
  4. CI Integration 
  5. Advanced manual tools 
  6. Essential manual tools 
  7. Online updates 

Why should you choose Portswigger Burp Suite? 

Portswigger Burp Suite is a high-quality cyber security solution. It scans all the vulnerabilities and keep the system working at all times. Portswigger Burp Suite assists in elimination of browser security warnings that occurs usually when intercepting a HTTPS connections. Users prefer to use this cyber security software because it offers business-specific solutions and features that are also customizable. 

Price of Portswigger Burp Suite

Portswigger Burp Suite is available in two different plans. They are: 

  1. Enterprise – Rs. 2,79,930/- per annum
  2. Professional – Rs. 25,150/- per annum

Sold By : PortSwigger

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Portswigger Burp Suite Features

These scans allow systems to examine the cyber threats that are in coming in real-time. It continually works in the background and protects the organizational data. 
This cyber security software offers integration with other security solutions and APIs for seamless working. 
Organizations can schedule timely vulnerability scanners. 
It offers advanced manual tools that saves user work incrementally in real-time. It also uses the configuration library to instantly launch targeted scans with various settings. 
ortswigger Burp Suite can be used by individual security professionals and large enterprises as well. It offers a scalable solution to work with. 

Get Portswigger Burp Suite support33 Chatting right now

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Portswigger Burp Suite Specifications


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Portswigger Burp Suite FAQs

Portswigger Burp Suite is available in two plans Enterprise and Professional; the price of enterprise is Rs. 2,79,930/- per annum and for Professional is Rs. 25,150/- per annum.
The software is compatible with all the versions of Mac OS (Mac OS X onwards), Windows (2000 Professional onwards), and Linux (all versions).
Yes, Techjockey offers demo for Portswigger Burp Suite. Request a call to avail the demo.
No, Portswigger Burp Suite is a completely PC-oriented solution. It is not available for smartphones.
No, Portswigger Burp Suite is a closed source software.

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