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Jewellery Accounting from Prime Software is a holistic solution empowering jewellers with state-of-the-art tools to manage their businesses perfectly. The solution is highly integrated with vital jewellery management elements such as Rojmel, financial accounting, stock (Nangmel) and money lending. The complete bundle of proficient tools, solution is easy deployable and simple to use. Jewellers can now rely completely on the Jewellery accounting software and focus on other productive areas for business enhancement.

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Since 1994 Prime Software Solution has been creating landmarks in the field of application development and customized solutions with enriched expertise. With changing technology trends and business needs, Prime Software endeavours to upgrade their services and products to suit the customer requirements. With highly professional and expert teams, company’s competency lies in outsourcing custom software development for Windows platforms and Internet development. 

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The software facilitates Rojmel- the traditional way of writing cashbook. It contains two main books Rojmel and Ledger. Every day transactions can be recorded in Rojmel that are automatically posted in ledger. At every transaction, gross stock and cash balances can be easily tracked and T-format ledger printing makes it easy to understand the balance and unadjusted entry.

The Financial Accounting module of the software provides separate books to be maintained for cash receipt, bank receipt, sales, purchase, karigar receipt, karigar issue etc. This module helps in maintaining the stock of pure gold converted into ornaments, old gold converted into pure gold etc. Aging analysis of outstanding group wise is facilitated and user definable sales and purchase registers can be maintained.

Nangmel is the stock management and maintenance module that helps the stock to be managed tag number wise. Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Branded Jewellery (MRP wise) stock can be maintained separately in this module. The module also provides options for gross weight, net weight, description, pieces, receipt date and MRP. Product Tag Printing is also available with different size Label.

This dedicated module provides specialized toolset to deal with the money lent of the loans given. Users can effortlessly keep track of customer balance capital and interest. Money lending is also known as mortgage. Moneylenders lend money; act as moneychangers and finance loan trade by means of bills of exchange. They grant loans against securities such as gold, jewellery, land, promissory notes etc. This innovative software helps moneylenders in managing the entre accounting process regarding loans accurately.

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