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DJ Audio Editor is the music mixer software for a DJ. It is an easy-to-use and feature rich tool, using which a user can mix music, add beats, loop, remove vocals from a track, and add effects. This premium software is meant for any DJ, be it a novice or professional. The tool comes with 32 sampler decks that allows the user to create different tracks. The software will truly help a DJ keep the party going. To paraphrase Queen, DJ Audio Editor will rock you.




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About Program4PC

Program4PC is a software solution company that designs and creates products for audio, video and image editing. Its products are simple to use and user friendly, and the company has been highly rated by leading platforms like PCWorld and CNet.
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Select between various built-in effects including Amplify, Fade In/Out, Compressor, Normalize, Invert, Mute, Echo, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Vibrato, Tempo and Pitch Shift, Reverse, Noise and Silence Generator. DJ Audio Editor is also equipped with powerful and ready-to-apply filters for using on audio files such as Equalizer, Band Pass, Notch, Shelf, and Delete Silence which will make your audio editing experience more pleasant and fun with no hassle. You may go one step further and simply create and save custom preset for all effects and filters.
Edit any audio file and save to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, M4A, AAC, AMR, MP2, RA, AC3, FLAC, MKA, AU, AIFF, M4B, M4R with DJ Audio Editor, also may create special output format and save it as your own preset. All sound editing functions include Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste From File, Paste Mix, and Paste Mix from File are available to manipulate and edit audio file in seconds, powered by dedicated and fast processing engine which is compatible and works on every computer.
Personalizing audio files has never been easier with built-in Trim function, simply select your desire area and remove unwanted parts in just couple of clicks. There are several more functions available to edit audio and perform a complete audio editing and enhancing process including cut, join, split, delete parts and mix audio files.
Record audio data from various inputs like microphone, audio CDs, broadcasts, programs, and other input lines on a sound card. With just one click, you can specify bitrate, frequency and number of channels, edit recorded audio files, apply your desire filters and effects, and save to any audio format you like.
DJ Audio Editor is equipped with an advanced CD Ripper tool which reads audio tracks from your CDs and allows you to convert, edit and save them professionally. Converted audio files have the highest quality, same as their original source and ready to load into audio editor for any additional editing process.
Easily extract, convert and edit audio from video file. You may have your favorite movie theme or video clip in audio format, save it on PC or external hardware with few clicks and enjoy it everywhere. By supporting any video format you will not miss your beloved video.
DJ Audio Editor has a built-in audio tag editor which designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Simply add audio tags including title, artist, album, genre, and year to your music or edit current audio tags. Even add, remove or replace cover art to organize your music collection.

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Dj Audio Editor

Rs. 2006.00

  • Perfectly edit and save audio without limitation
  • Activation code will be sent to your email within minutes
  • Free lifetime update
  • Free technical support service


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Cubase PRO


Below are some frequently asked questions for Program4Pc DJ Audio Editor

Q. I've lost my activation code. What do I do?

It happens to the best of us. If you do lose your activation code, we will gladly provide you with a copy of your activation code. All you have to do is navigate to Retrieve Activation Code page and contact customer service, do not forget to include your name, your e-mail address (that was used to order the product), the product name, and the receipt number.

Q. I've lost the installation file. What do I do?

The installation file can always be re-downloaded and we are happy to provide you with a replacement copy of the original file.

Q. The activation code you have given me says that it is invalid, what is wrong?

The activation code is a long sequence of letters and numbers that can be easily confused when typed. If you typed this information manually from your confirmation email, it is possible that errors may have been entered into the proper fields of the Activation screen so we recommend that you 'copy and paste' this information from your confirmation email onto the Activation screen.


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Sunil Bisaria

great customer support & best information provider

10th May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Was a bit sceptical about buying from here. Had issue trying to register with the company of the product I purchased. Emailed them and within minutes they had responded and guided me through the process of registering directly with the company. Will definitely be checking out their other products. Great price and superb customer experience
  • Cons -
  • No Cons


Very Good Product

21st July, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • It is a good program beside another one dj music mixer.
  • Cons -
  • No Cons

Prakash Mehta

The best like before

14th March, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • I updated my copy of DJ Audio Editor and it works perfectly as before, I do always my works with this product and happy for that.
  • Cons -
  • I do not have any problem

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