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About Qualtrics

What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a survey, research and experience management software that allows its users to deliver quality and effective product, customer, brand, and employee experiences on its XM platform. It comes with a range of products that enable you to take your brand to the next level. The services offered by Qualtrics is designed to guide you throughout your experience management journey right from designing to finalizing your XM program.

How Does Qualtrics Help in Experience Management?

Experience management or XM is the latest trend in the market and is the main drive behind a successful business. Qualtrics continuously helps your brand grow and improve your experience of managing various operations within your organization. It strives to provide long-term value to your customers, shareholders and employees by focusing entirely on your brand, thus ensuring that you get the bottom-line results instantly. The platform helps design, create and implement your XM programs in a way that would provide you with long-term success.

How Does Qualtrics Work?

Qualtrics is an AI-based technologically advanced application that would help turn your feedback into insights and create personalised dialogues, thus accelerating your ROI. Apart from AI, the platform also comes with powerful machine learning capabilities, which generate insightful recommendations and then route them automatically to the people to assist them in making the necessary changes. You can collect feedback from your customers, suppliers, partners, employees and other stakeholders through channels of their preference.

Qualtrics Price

The pricing option of Qualtrics depends upon your requirements and your business or personal goals. We would request you to drop a requirements and preferences so that we can provide you with an estimate. You can also ask us for a callback to get a quote today or reach us through online chat, emails or over the phone. 

•    The Pro plan for individual users at Rs 645
•    The Team plan for 2 users at Rs 574 per months
•    You can request a quote for the Enterprise plan.

How is Qualtrics Different?

There are many platforms which fall to react to the issues and problems of customers at the right time, which often results in the loss of leads. With Qualtrics, you can predict the obstacles and risks involved even before they occur and mitigate them by taking the necessary actions. Qualtrics brings all the insights into the surface that were hidden inside customer feedback, with the help of voice analytics and advanced text. 

You can also see how the app works with the guidance of your personalized demo. This software enables its users to monitor every interaction that people might experience with an organization to determine and analyze the opportunities for improvement. Qualtrics helps devise what innovations should you implement in your business operations so as to enhance your brand loyalty.


Get Qualtrics support 25 Chatting right now

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Qualtrics Features

Qualtrics is an employee performance management software that provides constant support to your employees and guides them in being on the right track and reaching their goals. The software assists your business to achieve broader objectives and be successful.
The software comes with online survey tools that help create test surveys in real-time. You can even get answers and solutions to the most common brand, market, product and customer-related questions.
With Qualtrics, users can acquire insights from customers, employees and other stakeholders as well as get reports and statistics on market research. You can also set permissions for each of your individual users and keep your data protected.
This XM software efficiently assists in performance management by allowing the employees to reach their individual goals. Being the manager or owner of a business, you can also analyze the target and the goals that need to be achieved, both in short and long terms.

Get Qualtrics support25 Chatting right now

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Qualtrics Specifications


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Qualtrics FAQs

A. Qualtrics can handle a diverse range of issues starting from simple questionnaires to detailed or complex research projects. It comes with an in-built drag-and-drop survey tool that enables you to reach your respondents from any device or platform.
A. Qualtrics enables transparent communication networks and facilitates continuous development that is suitable for your business motto. Its proven methodologies help you devise measures to carry out with a task by eliminating all chances of bias or discrimination.
A. An XM platform like Qualtrics is designed to meet the personal needs and preferences of customers and clients who are using your products or services. An XM software helps you to be on the right track so that you are actually implementing whatever you are thinking. It also makes sure that you are living up to your plans in the long run.

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