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About Typeform

What is Typeform?

Typeform form management software makes it easy to harness necessary data from their customer base through surveys and forms. Typeform is a multi-platform software application that works across computers, mobiles, and tablets, thereby, helping the businesses in attracting higher response rates from their customers. 

How to Begin with Typeform?

This platform provides easy access and allows the users to start gathering important data with just a few clicks. Typeform anticipates the question types of the user to provide them with ease in writing, and it also suggests questions as a user jots them down. Drawing target audiences becomes easy with plenty of design options and advanced features that come with the app. Users also get to see a preview of what their typeform looks like with Live Preview.

Pricing of Typeform

The pricing of Typeform depends upon the requirements of your business. The plans are classified as below:

  1. Essential: This plan costs INR 2500 per month.
  2. Professional: This plan cost INR 3570 per month, however, if billed yearly it costs INR 2500 per month.
  3. Premium: This plan costs INR 5000 per month but, if billed on a yearly basis, it’ll cost the user INR 4210 per month.

How Versatile is Typeform?

Typeform allows almost all the niches of business to get surveys and to create contact forms, with a voice and tone that matches the user’s personality (and brand). Apart from creating forms for a formal survey, this platform also enables the user to create audiences or get more leads via designing quizzes to keep the target audience engaged. 

This platform can be used to serve organizational needs as it gives the employees a voice with an engaging feedback survey, which in turn helps the company to work efficiently and perform better.

Sold By : Typeform

Get Typeform support 17 Chatting right now

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Typeform Features

Typeform allows you to upload media files such as images, GIFs, and videos that can pop up with survey questions
The software offers a wide variety of form creation capabilities to users. They can customize fonts, animate the forms, and much more with Typeform. 
This form management software can integrate with payment gateway platforms to generate specialized payment forms.  
Typeform has an in-built support system that can be utilized by users in case they face an issue or glitch while using the software. 
 Users can integrate Typeform with their APIs and send notifications to collect responses on time.
ypeform includes a calculator for numerical quizzes and payment solutions. 
This Form management software offers exclusive integration with MailChimp for efficient marketing with surveying via email services. It assists in better data collection through MailChimp.
Typeform offers exclusive integration features for Airtable as well, similar to MailChimp. Airtable allows the user to create thorough task management modules. It has a pipeline system where it tracks the completion of work related to form creation and assessment. It enables smooth working for individuals and organizations. 
This software creates customized thank you and hello messages. Users can animate, change the font, and make numerous kinds of changes according to their preferences.   

Get Typeform support17 Chatting right now

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Typeform Specifications


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Typeform FAQs

A. Typeform is a web-based software that can be used on the following browsers: 1. Chrome 2. Safari 3. Firefox 4. Microsoft Edge 5. Opera Browsers Hence, there are no essential hardware and software requirements to run the software efficiently.
A. Typeform is available for both iPhone and Android platforms. The system requirements are - For Android: Version 4.4 and later - For iPhones: Version iOS 10+ and later
A. We will recommend you check your email and go through the spam folder. In case you still don’t find it, please send us an mail at support@techjockey.com. Our customer support team will help you as soon as possible.
A. There are two ways to identify the respondents in your forms: - Ask the respondent directly in the Typeform. - If you already have respondent’s information (from users personalized APIs and logins), the database can pass the name, email, and other information via Hidden Fields in the URL of the Typeform.
A. No, Typeform does not allow you to copy the form data from other accounts.

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