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About DELL SAN Switch

What is Dell SAN Switch?

Dell SAN Switch is a Brocade 300 switch used for entry and midrange enterprise SANs. It offers a 24-port, 8 Gbit/sec fiber channel switches that help manage your short area network. Dell SAN Switch is a fantastic product for server connectivity and data sharing

Benefits of Dell SAN Switch

  1.  It offers a non-blocking and non-oversubscribing platform with a bandwidth that can clock up to 408 Gbit/sec in 1U.
  2. Dell SAN Switch is built to boost your network’s output. It improves your performance with enhanced Brocade Inter-SL (switch link) trunking which allows the attachment of up to eight ports. The pair of switches fuse to create a single, logical ISL with a speed up to 64 Gbit/sec.
  3.  The SAN switch by Dell uses increased distance support to authorize domestic fiber channels greater than 590 KM. 
  4.  It offers a very scalable system; Dell SAN switch merges up to 24 ports of 8 Gbit/sec technology. It is an industry-leading product when short-area network switches.
  5.  Dell SAN Switch uses the Brocade EZSwitchSetup, which turns your SAN installation into a simple 3-step point and click task. 
  6.  The SAN Switch also includes a USB port for high-end services and error logging by accommodating firmware enhancements and downloads of system log files.
  7.  Dell SAN Switch has outstanding worth for a wide range of SAN Environments. 
  8.  The system has dual operability as a complete FC SAN fabric switch and Brocade Access Gateway. It offers an effortless affinity for any vendor SAN environment. 

What is the price of Dell SAN Switch? 

Dell SAN Switch is available for Rs. 5,00,600/-. A single purchase includes 

  1. Two quantities of DS-6610R-B/8/24P RTF W/816G SFP SWITCH
  2. Two quantities of C13 Power cords with IN6SA3 plugs
  3. One product support with NBD- Hardware support

The DELL SAN Switch is available with all the support and services for three years. For further details, please request a call and our sales team will get in touch with you. 

Sold By : Dell

Get DELL SAN Switch support 27 Chatting right now

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DELL SAN Switch Features

Dell SAN Switch offers high rate of 4-8 Gbit/sec.
Dell SAN Switch offers a timely round up check on the SAN system’s health and performance. 
Dell SAN Switch provides a wide range of options for your mainframe configuration. 
The SAN switch has automated functions for server management embedded in it. 
Save and utilize multiple user IP addresses across your SAN and work effortlessly. 
E-Lab is a unique and instinctive feature that, allows users to access to securely query Dell EMC support matrix. 
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Get DELL SAN Switch support27 Chatting right now

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DELL SAN Switch Specifications


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A. Dell SAN Switch can run a full fabric short area network architecture with 239 switches.
A. Dell SAN Switch has 24 universal ports. This includes E, F, M, FL, or N.
A. You will get a 408 Gbit/sec: 24 ports * 8.5 Gbit/sec (line rate) * 2 (full duplex) with the Dell SAN Switch.
A. Dell SAN Switch has 700 nanoseconds with zero disputes, while offering a well drilled routing of 8 Gbit/sec.
A. Yes, Dell SAN Switch is certified with safety certifications across the world. Here’s a list of safety compliances of Dell SAN Switch 1. United States Bi-Nat UL/CSA 60950-1 1st Ed or latest; ANSI C63.4 2. Canada Bi-Nat UL/CSA 60950-1 1st Ed or latest; ICES-003 Class A 3. Japan CISPR22 and JEIDA (Harmonics) 4. European Community EN60950-1 or latest EN55022 and EN55024 5. Australia/New Zealand -- EN55022 or CISPR22 or AS/NZS CISPR22 6. Argentina IEC60950-1 or latest 7. Russian Federation IEC60950-1 or latest 51318.22-99 and 51318.24.99 or latest 8. Korea KN22 and KN24

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