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About Sigma Hospital Management Software

What is Sigma Hospital Management Software?

Sigma Hospital Management Software is designed for medical centres to manage their entries and lab report work. The software is scalable and easy to deploy in the hospital of any size or any type. The software allows the admin staff to maintain all their workflow information in the software and get away with bulky stationery. The hospital management software keeps a thorough list of inpatient & outpatient visitors, staff attendance, inventory, lab reports, etc. 

Sigma Hospital Management Software can be integrated with laboratory equipment for result sharing and printing in real-time. It also ensures that the reports are labelled properly and stored carefully for avoiding any errors during the dissemination process. 

Why hospitals use Sigma Hospital Management Software? 

Sigma Hospital Management Software provides compliance with e-governance guidelines for easy working. This best hospital management system also results in paperless operation as all the parties are informed directly through emails or text messages. Hospitals can automatically keep a record of their employee’s attendance and their incoming and outgoing from the premises as the software integrates with biometric devices. Sigma Hospital Management Solution increases the pace of all the daily tasks by either centralizing them to one platform or automating them, or both. 

What features does Sigma Hospital Management Software offer? 

Here is a list of features offered by Sigma Hospital Management Software: 

  1. Patient registration 
  2. Digital enquiry window 
  3. Appointment and scheduling module 
  4. Patient management 
  5. Laboratory equipment integration 
  6. Computerized entry for physician order
  7. Operation theatre management
  8. Inventory management 
  9. Employee duty roster management 

What is the price of Sigma Hospital Management Software? 

The price of Sigma Hospital Management Software varies based on the features required by any healthcare centre and the size of the operations. Please request a call for further inquiries. 

Sold By : SigmaIT

Get Sigma Hospital Management Software support 28 Chatting right now

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Sigma Hospital Management Software Features

The software allows hospitals to create a digital enquiry window and save all the patient registrations.
This hospital management software has an in-built calendar which schedules and saves all the appointments in the system. 
The data related to patients (both inpatient and outpatient) is saved in the system.
The software allows hospitals to integrate Sigma Hospital Management Software with their lab equipments to generate and handle reports efficiently.
Hospitals with their personal pharmacy can use this software to manage their operations efficiently with separate inventory management functions. 
The hospital management software facilitates digitized entries of the physician’s order and prescriptions.
Medical staff can create customized fields for operation theatres and automatically check for its availability.
The staff can automatically get the visibility of all the nurses and their ward deployment in real-time. 
The hospital staff can maintain a comprehensive record of all the visited patients, their ailments, and their prescriptions in the software seamlessly. 
The medical centre can create a complete list of equipments, medicines, and other things and their usage in real-time. 
Non-medical staff can also manage their tasks like payroll, attendance, etc. from Sigma Hospital Management Software.
All the employees in a hospital can stay updated about their shift hours through the duty roster sheet. 
The software generates comprehensive MIS reports for detailed assessment of the workflow. 
Janitors can maintain a worksheet to track their daily workflow. 
The hospital staff can manage and schedule their laundry activities to keep hospital facilities clean and well maintained. 

Get Sigma Hospital Management Software support28 Chatting right now

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Sigma Hospital Management Software Specifications


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Sigma Hospital Management Software FAQs

No, Sigma Hospital Management Software is not available for smartphones as of now.
Sigma uses a cloud-based storage system to save all the operational data.
There are no hardware installations required for Sigma Hospital Management Software.
Administrators can create user portals and restricts its access in Sigma Hospital Management software.
Please request a call to get the demo for Sigma Hospital Management Software from Techjockey.

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