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Swastin Technologies-HMS is a Windows based Hospital Management system which addresses the major functional requirements of small to large multi-speciality hospitals.  HMS is very comprehensive product that provides end to end solution for complete Hospital Management. It seamlessly manages the business and clinical aspects of healthcare organizations. This intuitive HMS has easy and quick workflow oriented approach for Doctors, nurses and medical staff to effectively manage their time and resources. The software provides extensive patient, housekeeping and billing among others. The software offers support for entire departments in the hospital and the data can be shared across the organisation effortlessly.

Product Features

Swastin Technologies- HMS is an exquisite solution that provides the benefits of streamlined operations. This intuitive software enables utmost administration and control for superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability in the hospitals. The solution comes with a user-friendly interface and is quite simple to use. This scalable and secure software is a menu driven solution and categorized into various extensive modules incorporating all vital operations for smooth and efficient functioning of each domain in the hospitals. The primary features of Hospital Management System include:

Registration: Entire registration process can be flawlessly carried out with exclusive registration features. This module allows registration, patient billing, appointment scheduling and sponsored verification among other important operations with just a few clicks.
Outdoor Patient OPD: Registration of outdoor patients, billing of outdoor patients, medical observations, entry of the orders placed by physicians, and electronic patient records can be well managed through this interactive module.
Indoor Patient IPD: This module deals with patient registration, billing, ward management, nursing, OT,
Investigation: This comprehensive module deals with entire pathology, radiology and diagnostic operations from within a single platform. This module allows patient registration, billing operations functions effortlessly. The module is integrated with nuclear medicine, dental and physiotherapy departments for quick diagnosis and on-time treatment for the patients.
Financial Modules: All financial operations including accounting, payroll, fixed assets, and services. The hospitals can manage all accounting operations such as creating debit & credit notes, journal, ledger, trial balance, balance sheet, P&L, expenses and many more. The payroll operations including HR management and payroll structuring leave management and payslip generation have been simplified with financial modules.
Inventory: Inventory of all medicines can be managed effectively without many efforts in this solution. The stock gets automatically updated as and when any transaction takes place. This facilitates the hospitals to get the clear view of inventory on hand and what and how much needs to be ordered to keep all domains working flawlessly.

About The Company
Swastin Technologies is an innovative software development company that endeavours to provide comprehensive automation solution for every vertical including healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality and many more. Swastin is a team of dedicated professionals that walks an extra mile to deliver state-of-the-art cost effective software solution.

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