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SwilERP Pharmacy Software

by : Softworld (India)

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SwilERP Pharmacy Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

SwilERP is a leading retail pharmacy software that aims to give intelligent business solutions. The software has various feature sets that boost the retail pharmacy system's agility, increase productivity, decrease inefficiency, and take control of your business. SwilERP helps its users in all ways possible by streamlining repetitive store activities. It has reliable point-of-sale systems to handle customer transactions, billing chaos and update inventory levels in real-time.

SwilERP Pharmacy Software Pricing & Plans

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SwilERP Pharmacy Software Features

Doctor wise Reports

Prescription wise Sales

Patient Credit Detail

Substitute/Salt wise Sales

Product, Suppliers & Patient Queries

Supplier wise Expiry Details

Inventory Management

Financial Accounting

Retail Invoicing

Reports & Analysis

Ordering & Purchase

Billing & Invoicing

SwilERP Pharmacy Software Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Language:
  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • Pharmaceutical, Hospital
  • Retailers
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, SMBs, SMEs
  • English

SwilERP Pharmacy Software Reviews and Ratings

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Softworld (India) Brand Details

Brand Name Softworld (India)
Information Softworld is a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals providing the best software services to its clients to simplify their business processes, increase efficiency in operation and improve performance. Advanced technology, well-designed products, latest features.
Founded Year 1994
Director/Founders M.L Gupta
Company Size 1-100 Employees
Other Products Softworld RetailGraph, Unisolve Software

SwilERP Pharmacy Software FAQ

A. SwilERP is a software solution designed specifically for chemist retail stores. It optimizes the operations involved in chemist store and gives retailers a centralized control over the entire business, including employee management, customer management, inventory management, and billing, and accounting processes.
A. SwilERP Software is a one-stop software solution to meet all your Retail Chemist Shop requirements. It gives the store a digital platform which makes it more trendy and attractive. In addition, SwilERP integrates with the robust point-of-sale system, which is used to process customer transactions, accept payments, and update inventory levels for a retail establishment. This way, you can manage your store with low operating costs and have handy data to plan your marketing strategies.
A. In the SwilERP software window, you will see a link to Registration. By clicking on the link, a Client Registration window opens. You will need to fill all the requirements there and get easy Registration with SwilERP.
A. In a retail establishment, SwilERP after-sales service is critical. It determines whether a customer is satisfied or not. From the time the software is downloaded to the time it is installed, we provide complete support to our consumers. You can quickly get started with billing, invoicing, GST filing, accounting, and more. SwilERP is a complete business software suitable for retail pharmacy stores. The software can automate daily store activities, making retailers' lives easier and business more profitable. It has the functionality to view real-time pricing, inventory management, out-of-stock scenarios, sales and vendor performance, expiration, and return and expiry management modules. Additionally, you can view doctor-wise reports, prescription-wise sales, salt management, Supplier wise Expiry Details, and more.
A. Yes. Paytm is supported by it. By integrating with Paytm and using SwilERP, you can get the fastest checkout. The QR code makes billing more user-friendly and secure, reduces transaction time, and gives the end-user complete billing options.
A. Yes. Whatsapp integration is available in SwilERP. Now you can send your "Sales Invoice" bills to the customer through the Whatsapp application via SwilERP. But you have to take some steps to get integrated with whatsapp. For more details kindly contact to the SWIL team.
A. The major reason for generating a purchase bill is to keep track of transactions. With a barcode facility, SwilERP features a powerful billing system that makes Pharmacy billing simple. It offers comprehensive GST billing and filing services. As a result, it is the most efficient way to handle the billing process with little resources. You may generate/handle bills/invoices quickly and easily with SwilERP.
A. SwilERP comes with an adequate inventory/stock management system. It has features that can help businesses view doctor-wise reports, prescription-wise sales, salt management, Supplier wise Expiry Details, and more. These features assist pharma stores in accurate tracking and reporting of stocks to detect your inventory data status. It allows you to know about the low supply, product performance, customer buying patterns, and more. Except for this, the feature prevents businesses from dead stock scenarios. This way, the SwilERP effectively maintains the complex Pharmacy stocks.
A. Barcodes are used to track a wide range of items. Barcode management, which is a unique technique for Pharmacy shops to track assets, is made easier with SwilERP Software. It comprises barcode printing and scanning. As a result, printing aids Pharmacy inventory management, company forecasting, and consumer choice, payment, demand, and supply. In this manner, you may acquire real-time product information with correct accounting using a barcode system.
A. SwilERP offers a variety of business services that allow users to customize client experiences. Among these are discounts, rewards, and loyalty programs based on client purchase patterns. It also enables store owners to recognize visitors and their preferences, allowing them to provide a custom experience for them. Customers can be handled/attracted in this manner, and client retention and engagement can be improved.
A. SwilERP is inventory and accounting software for retail Pharmacy store that is GST-compliant. Pricing, quick billing, out-of-stock situations, generating sales, and vendor performance of pharmacy inventories are all displayed in real time. It offers comprehensive GST billing and filing procedures for two types of businesses: 'Regular GST Registered' and 'Composite GST Registered.' You can also get immediate help with GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3, HSN Code generation, E-invoicing, E-way bill preparation, and other GST activities. This manner, you can rapidly see how effective it is at filling out GST returns.
A. SwilERP developers provide you with customized software solutions as per your business usability criteria. The software is flexible and user-friendly. The skilled team of developers knows what is in trend and can customize the best software for your Pharmacy store. Also, you get the benefit of custom mobile apps and B2B/B2C apps that ensure smooth pharmacy billing, invoicing and seamlessly integrate with the software to provide flexibility in ordering.
A. SwilERP Software retail pharmacy users benefit from innovative B2B/B2C (website/application) solutions. We also offer a custom mobile app and a B2B/B2C app for your business that ultimately interacts with the software for smooth billing and ordering flexibility. This solution will go a long way toward supporting your brand growth.
A. SwilERP has an advanced reporting function. This feature allows you to access your company data in the form of reports that you can view according to your preferences. You may get a quick overview of all the store functions with only one click. Also, you can follow your business in real time, accurately evaluate your data, and learn about low medicine supply, drug demand, patient buying habits, and more by analyzing the reports. Finally, you'll be able to make better decisions on stock orders, promotions, and staff, among other things.
A. If the SwilERP team releases a new version, the user will be informed through email. You must contact customer care by email or phone if you want the most recent version. The team will be able to assist you with this.
A. Yes. SwilERP has a capability that allows you to export data to Tally.
A. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented in India (GST). The GST is an indirect tax that is currently structured with HSN and applies to all items and services. You will get the simple step to enable HSN Code using SwilERP Software. SwilERP simplifies the process for retail pharmacies. Check out the article (https://support.swildesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-update-hsn-code-in-unisolve-swilerp) to get step-wise details on HSN.
A. SwilERP provides three options for adding product discounts- To begin, you can provide discounts at the point of sale. Second, you might include discounts in groups for suppliers & customers. Third, in the Masters, you have an option where you can quickly apply for discounts.
A. Changing or closing the financial year is a mandatory step for any business. In SwilERP, you will get an easy option to do it, including taking a backup of your files. Watch the video (https://youtu.be/RtxORuP5rZI) and read the article https://support.swildesk.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-to-close-financial-year-in-swilerp-software-22-3-2021 to get deep visualization into the financial year change/close procedure.
A. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to become a SwilERP Software distributor and take your professional career to new heights. When you collaborate with us, you will have the opportunity to start a business with a well-established and profitable development company.
A. User permissions allow you to control what business information your employees should have access to. This will ensure that your workflow and everyday pharmacy activities are in sync, helping you ensure that everything runs smoothly in your store. SwilERP has a mechanism to manage user rights and determine the next degree of security for the system.
A. Any business with multiple categories of products is easily managed with a barcode. Barcode Management is a unique technology for pharmacy store owners to track pharmacy stocks which provides SwilERP. It allows you to print and scan barcodes and get faster assistance with the drug information you are holding. A barcode facility like this can help streamline drug maintenance and expedite the invoicing process.
A. All SWIL software products are meant to ease the business owner's life. SwilERP is an adaptable, simple, and easy-to-use Pharmacy store software for single-store retailers. It is simple to use and does not require any prior knowledge or any technical degree. We can, however, accommodate you if you have any questions or would want to organize a training session with us. For more information, please generate a ticket on our support site, Swildesk.com.
A. Of course not. We believe in transparency in the system, and the trust of the customers is our asset. When you decide to buy SwilERP, we make you aware of all the additional charges related to AMC or software customization based on your requirement.
A. SwilERP helps retail Pharmacy store owners a solution to better monitor their daily tasks. It consists of many features, especially Reporting, that help make better stock, sales, purchasing, total expense, and overall profit decisions. You can get all business reports in various formats like XML, XLS, CSV, etc., in a single click. It is customizable that gives you one view along with accounting. You get reports on sales, purchases, customers, suppliers, and stocks that allow you to analyze your sales and requirements to forecast future business demands. The following are some reports you will get by SwilERP: Stock utilization summary, sales report, purchase report, payment status report, profit report, and transaction report. You can also look at profits on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.
A. The automated alert system in SwilERP software allows you to verify your stock availability quickly. It lets you get and send notifications concerning orders, special offers, discounts, rates, expiration, bills, and stock-in/stock-out situations. This will assist you in ensuring a continuous supply of medications.
A. SwilERP software allows users to choose from a range of billing formats that makes billing more precise, understandable, and adaptable based on your company's needs. The software offers a variety of billing formats available, including A5 print, A4 half print, thermal print, landscape print, and portrait print. For more details, you can contact our support team.
A. SwilERP supports all types of printing with the following printers: dot matrix, laser and thermal.
A. SwilERP is one of the most user-friendly and flexible retail chemist software. It can easily be handled by anyone. Only basic knowledge about operating a computer system is required.
A. Yes, with the help of SwilERP, you can easily keep track of all your transactions based on your sales and purchases. Even with the software, you can get daily and monthly analysis, summary, and report.
A. Yes. You can do it. SwilERP has a feature that gives you control to manage the store data from anywhere.
A. Surely. The objective of SwilERP is to facilitate chemist shop owners by modifying revenue generation schema. It is integrated with POS system capabilities that offer speedy billing, inventory tracking, accounting, and core business analytics that strengthen the foundations of retail business.
A. Yes, Data migration is the responsibility of our technical team, which is well handled by our technical experts. They will definetly help to transfer all your data from current software to SwilERP software.
A. If you are interested in knowing more information about the SwilERP, you can check the SWIL website, where we have mentioned all the necessary information and video tutorials about the software. Also, you can: Read our website FAQ section Read our blogs section Call us for a software demo Get 45 days free trial for the software Take advantage of the services available at various centers Call customer service for online and offline customer support
A. In a retail establishment, SwilERP after-sales service is critical. It determines whether a customer is satisfied or not. From the time the software is downloaded to the time it is installed, we provide complete support to our consumers. You can quickly get started with billing, invoicing, GST filing, accounting, and more. SWIL provides a portal called "SwilDesk", where you may open a ticket for your issue and receive immediate assistance from our support team. As a result, after the product is sold, the SWIL team is devoted to providing complete customer support and strengthening its brand value.

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