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Systran 8 Translator

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About Systran 8 Translator

What is Systran 8 Translator?

Systran 8 Translator enables the users to translate any text in their preferred language. Primarily, this language translation software assists the businesses or consumers to effortlessly translate any language. Therefore, users can understand foreign languages easily and exchange their business information accurately and securely. One can also seek the help of this software to find the definition of a particular phrase or word using its dictionary.

How can Translations be Customized using Systran 8 Translator?

To boost the efficiency of translations, the application creates multiple user dictionaries and records translation history. Apart from that, users can select the language pairs as per their requirements. Hence, users can customize their translations.

How Systran 8 Translator Perform Offline?

One of the most useful features of this translation software is that it can be used to translate private files offline. One can use it to search for the definition of a word, translate emails and even to access Microsoft documents without the internet.

Pricing of Systran 8 Translator

The price of the Systran 8 Translator relies upon the needs of a user and the extent of usage.  Subscription charges can differ depending on the plans listed below: 

  1. Essential: The price for subscribing to the Essential plan is Rs. 6650.
  2. Professional: The price for subscribing to the Professional plan is Rs. 20900.

You can request for a call back to get a personalized quote for Systran 8 Translator.

Benefits of Using Systran 8 Translator

Users get access to Systran 8 Translator tools in Microsoft Office as well as in web browsers, which enhances user accessibility and saves time. Further, all popular document formats are supported which makes it a user-friendly software. While dealing with a foreign client, a business owner, freelancer or even individuals can employ this software to quickly translate a text, PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, Web pages, and emails.

Sold By : Systran

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Systran 8 Translator Features

No matter what language it is, Systran 8 Translator allows you to translate it quickly and efficiently, thereby, encouraging efficient business management across different countries.  
Starting from PDF documents to batch file translation and emails, it helps translate all sorts of popular document formats.
This software helps customize all translations and offers a set of efficient tools to manage language.
Systran 8 Translator also comes with a browser extension so that you can quickly translate whatever you search on the internet and convert it into your preferred language.
Systran 8 provides you with access to Microsoft word plugins, enabling you to carry out various document management operations, without having to switch between various applications.
This language translator software works both offline and online, thus increasing efficiency and opening up a variety of language management options.

Get Systran 8 Translator support22 Chatting right now

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Systran 8 Translator Specifications

Systran 8 Translator Reviews

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Systran 8 Translator FAQs

A. Yes, you can translate all your documents efficiently without using the internet. All the translations will be securely saved by default.
A. In case, you have any previous Systran software in your device, then uninstall it before you install Systran 8 Translator. You can follow these steps to install Systran 8 Translator in PC: ? First, double click on the setup programme icon and run as a user or administrator. ? Once the software is installed, you will find it in your Windows Start menu. ? If you select the option of installing it on the desktop, then you can access it from the desktop directly. ? After the installation, the language manager will be launched automatically. ? Click on the ‘Licenses’ option for adding the product key. ? Click on the add product key button to add different language keys. ? Enter your product key and click on ‘Submit’. ? Then go for online activation. ? Lastly, click on the finish button and the Syatran software will be launched in your system.
A. All types of popular document formats can be translated using Systran 8 Translator, such as PDF documents, batch file translation, emails and many others.
A. With Systran 8 Translator, you get the flexibility to choose customized language pairs from various languages across the world, including English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and others.
A. Systran 8 comes with browser extensions that enable one to directly translate any website’s content in his preferred language.

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