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About Techlead eTechSchoolOnline

What is Techlead eTechSchool Online? 

Techlead eTechSchool is a school management software that empowers educational institutions with automated workflows and processes. This software is suitable for all types of educational institutions intending to automate their operations with reduced costs and increased productivity. It is one of the best school management software that allows the users to administer student’s performance (both academically and co-curricular), syllabus, library, attendance, examination, progress reports, events, scholarships, etc. 

Techlead eTechSchool helps in simplifying repetitive tasks so that your staff can focus on other important work. The software follows generic parameters designed for student evaluation in tandem with updated education guidelines. It also offers specialized features for educational institutes, such as school bus tracking or RFID enablement. 

What Features does Techlead eTechSchool Online offer? 

Here are few features of Techlead eTechSchool Online listed below for a quick overview: 

  1. Student and Staff Attendance 
  2. Scheduler 
  3. Child Progress Report 
  4. Report Card Generator 
  5. Online Leave Application 
  6. School analytics 
  7. Staff and Student Records Management 
  8. RFID Campus Automation 
  9. ID Card Printing 
  10. Online Book Selling 

What are the Benefits of Techlead eTechSchool Online? 

  1. Techlead eTechSchool offers a communication portal for teachers to connect with parents. 
  2. The software allows teachers to maintain student profiles for better assessment and promotion of holistic growth. 
  3. This school management software provides an HR management module for staff supervision.
  4. It streamlines the admission process and saves a lot of time. 

Why Schools Should Use Techlead eTechSchool Online? 

Techlead eTechSchool offers complete automation to track the movement of students in the school. It provides additional features for regulating boarding schools too through RFID enablement. It records individual class attendance to increase student engagement. Teachers can use this software to plan their syllabus and work accordingly. 

Techlead eTechSchool allows the teacher to focus on all-round development of students. It provides communication modules for interaction with parents at any time. Parents are well-informed regarding their child’s academic and non-academic activities.

What is the price of Techlead eTechSchool Online? 

The price of Techlead eTechSchool varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for more price-related inquiries. 

Sold By : Techlead

Get Techlead eTechSchoolOnline support 29 Chatting right now

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Techlead eTechSchoolOnline Features

This school management software assists in streamlining the admission process by assorting the forms and scheduling meetings. 
The software integrates with biometric devices to record online attendance and manage it in a timesheet. 
Teachers can track all the homework they have given to different classes & sections from one place. The software generates an automated notification to remind the teachers about assignments and tests. 
 This is a communication portal built for parent-teacher interaction. It provides easy accessibility for both parents and teachers to reach out to each other at any time. 
Schools can create a performance profile for students and track their activities throughout an academic year. 
The software offers a separate dashboard for teachers, students, and non-academic staff members for various purposes. Students can check their attendance and results. Teachers and other staff members can manage their workflow. 
This school management software assists academic staff in the assessment of the exam papers.
Teachers can schedule the syllabus and take classes accordingly through this school management software.
Techlead eTechSchool offers basic HRMS functions for seamless staff management. 
Schools can schedule, conduct, and assess examination processes through the software. This school management software also enables automatic report card generation.
Teachers can use the Q-bank feature in the software to generate online tests and share the question paper with students. They can share it as legitimate question papers to conduct online exam or share it as a practice paper for students from the software.
The library management feature of this application ensures ease in the storage and management of the entire list of books present in the organization. The application keeps a detailed record of recent additions, searches, and the total books issued.
Techlead eTechSchool simplifies the process of creating a timetable. The software removes the probability of overlapping schedules. 
Authorized users can log in to find the details about the student's paid fees and dues. Also, parents are notified through SMS about upcoming payments and pending dues.
The school management software allows schools to generate RFID enabled ID cards. 
The software allows teachers to plan and arrange courses for the academic year and work accordingly. 
Teachers can create question banks and use it for the creation of tests and practice papers for students. 
This feature is available for schools that provide commutation services for parents to track their ward’s location.

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Techlead eTechSchoolOnline Specifications

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Techlead eTechSchoolOnline FAQs

Techlead eTechSchool saves all the school information on cloud storage service.
Techlead eTechSchool Online provides a mobile application for Android phones only.
Techlead eTechSchool Online is a web-based application that can be accessed through internet browsers.
Techlead eTechSchool is available for online demo before purchasing at Techjockey. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
No, Techlead eTechSchool is a subscription-based software. The updates are included as a part of your subscription plan.

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