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Veritas Net Backup
Veritas Net Backup
Veritas Net Backup
Veritas Net Backup
Veritas Net Backup
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Veritas Net Backup

Sold by : Veritas Technologies

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About Veritas Net Backup

What is Veritas Net Backup?

Veritas Net Backup is a data backup software designed for business enterprises. The software offers a reliable, unified, and scalable program enabling organizations to migrate their data to the cloud, maximize their resiliency standards and also manage multiple workloads across multi cloud and hybrid infrastructures in an efficient manner. Further, enterprises can also enlarge their disaster recovery orchestration across different regions within AzureStack, depending on their business requirements. Veritas Net Backup also allows managers to snapshot integrations across different clouds and arrays. They can also configure role-based access rights to specific employees, facilitating intuitive self-service.    

How is Veritas Net Back useful for enterprises?

  1. Organizations can save, copy and move data between multiple clouds as per their business needs. They can also orchestrate and automate application-related shift, lift and recovery. The software helps in the risk identification procedure and driving proactive data compliance.
  2. The software offers a wide variety of security strengthening features like two-factor authentication, Dynamic NAT, dynamic smart metering licensing features along with external certificate authorities. Thus improving accountability of the entire organization and enabling managers to assign role-based access rights to designated employees in real-time. 
  3. Business houses can expedite cloud-based use cases like backup, archive and DR in the cloud. They can also depend on modern virtualization technologies like OpenStack, agentless VMware, Docker containers and more.
  4. Data can be transferred to the cloud using Microsoft Azure or AWS Snowball. 

 Pricing of Veritas Net Backup

Pricing of Veritas Net Backup is available on request. You can request us for a callback and our software experts will get back to you as per the date and time mentioned withing your callback request.

Compatible Platforms for Veritas Net Backup

Veritas Net Backup is compatible with UNIX and Windows-based operating systems.

Benefits of Veritas Net Backup

  1. Unified recovery and protection: Enterprises can automate their SLOs and define their unique protection needs. Further, Veritas Net Backup offers support for more than 1400 storage targets, above 800 data sources along with 60+ clouds. 
  2. Optimize control and visibility: The software offers detailed insights about data stored on-premises or on the cloud. Its intuitive chargeback feature allows IT teams to operate as service providers. 

Sold By : Veritas Technologies

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Veritas Net Backup Features

Veritas Net backup reduces operational costs related to compelling IT resources by 28%, storage resources by 24%, compute resources by 5% and IT management software by 90%.
Enterprises get access to automated, scaled and orchestrated recovery options. They can also use the cloud as a DR target and run various instances within it.  
With Veritas NetBackup, enterprises can protect their IT systems, detect abnormalities, potential threats and apply the right recovery options. 
Veritas Net Backup makes cloud management more easy and efficient with its features like migration, resiliency, disaster recovery, end-to-end duplication and snapshot orchestration. 
Enterprises can protect VMware, Nutanix AHV, AzureStack along with OpenStack in an automated manner. They can also get access to VM based data through flexible recovery. 
 Veritas NetBackup offers more than 60 public cloud based storage targets, an SLA-operated resiliency platform and an at-scale disaster recovery solution with almost zero RTO and RPO.
The software offers data intelligence and compliance security driven protection across PaaS, IaaS and Saas hybrid data and apps. 
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Veritas Net Backup Specifications


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Veritas Net Backup FAQs

A. The software supports native plugins like vRealize Orchestrator, VMware vCenter, vRealize Automation and more.
A. The software eliminates disjointed point products and offers adequate protection to workloads irrespective of their size through petra-byte level capacity. It also helps in ensuring on-demand access and resiliency across multiple locations.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Veritas Net Backup. Our product experts will get back to you as per the date and time mentioned within your time schedule.
A. Organizations get to enhance their operational efficiencies by integrating with ServiceNow and vRealize besides other platforms via API.
A. No, the software does not have a mobile app as of now.

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