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Sophos XG Firewall provides unprecedented visibility into your network, users, and applications directly from the all-new control canter. You also get rich on-box reporting and the option to add Sophos iView for centralized reporting across multiple firewalls.



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About Sophos

Sophos Group plc is a security software and hardware company. Sophos develops products for communication endpoint, encryption, network security, email security and mobile security as well as unified threat management. Sophos is focused on providing security software to the mid market and pragmatic enterprise.
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 Firewall Security

Blocks unknown threats with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, a full-featured Web Application Firewall and more. Automatically responds to incidents by instantly identifying and isolating infected systems until they can be cleaned up. Exposes hidden risks on your network including unknown apps, top risk users, advanced threats, suspicious payloads and much more

XG Firewall’s IPS engine was recently tested by NSS Labs in their highly regarded Next-Gen Firewall Group Test and it performed among the top for security effectiveness, particularly against evasion techniques, while the price-performance ratio is also among the best of all vendors. You get proven Next-Gen IPS protection that has stopped threats like Wanna and Petya. Dead.

Sophos Sandstorm uses next-gen sandbox technology with integrated machine learning, giving your organization an extra layer of security against ransomware and targeted attacks. It integrates with your XG Firewall and is cloud-delivered, so there’s no additional hardware required. It’s the best defense against the latest payload based malware lurking in phishing attacks, spam, and file downloads.

Powerful multi-layered, call-home protection combines analysis from DNS, IPS, web, and traffic filters to identify and block botnet and command-and-control (C&C) call-home attempts. Advanced threats are instantly identified and if you’ve enabled Synchronized Security with Sophos Central Endpoints or Intercept X you can automatically isolate infected systems until they can be cleaned up.

Sophos' award-winning, high-performance behavioral anti-malware engine is backed by SophosLabs and a 30-year history of protecting enterprises from the latest threats. Dual-engine scanning offers the option of scanning traffic with the Sophos engine for excellent performance and protection, or adding a second engine scan for even more protection.

Sophos Web Protection engine is backed by SophosLabs and includes innovative technologies like code emulation, behavioral analysis, live protection, and pharming protection to identify and block the latest web threats. Dead. XG Firewall makes configuration easy, with pre-packaged Web policies activated in seconds, edited anytime, and simulated quickly and easily to verify or help troubleshoot policy settings.

XG Firewall high performance SSL inspection that ensures web threats and inappropriate content are not slipping through a key blind spot in most network traffic. Certificate validation and protocol enforcement options ensure your network is protected from spoofing and that unwanted traffic trying to bypass filtering or traffic shaping is stopped. Dead


XG Firewall not only monitors host network activity, but also receives health status directly from your endpoints so you have constant visibility into the health of your entire network.

XG Firewall instantly alerts you to compromised systems on your network with full details including the IP address, the user, and the process, so you're not left digging for information.

  • Synchronized App Control:- Automatically identifies hundreds of unknown, evasive, and custom Windows and Mac applications to easily prioritize the apps you want, and block the ones you don’t.
  • CASB and Cloud App  Visibility:- Cloud Application Visibility identifies all browser applications and cloud services to identify Shadow IT and data at risk to get it under control quickly and easily.


Plans and Pricing

On Premise

XG Firewall

Rs. 33050.00 ( Lifetime )

  • Sophos XG 105 Hardware Appliance - 1.5 Gbps Firewall Throughput
  • 1000000 concurrent Connection
  • 15000 Connection Per Second
  • 4 x GE Copper Ethernet Por Sophos XG 105 Enterprise Bundle – 3 Year (Includes IPS RED/HTML5 ATP Security Heartbeat* Web Protection :- (Includes URL AV AppCtrl Enhanced Support :- (includes 24*7 support
  • Advanced replacement Requires Cloud Endpoint Protection Advanced or Cloud End user Protection

05-TVSP-RNL-0100iNG-03 (3 Years Support)

Rs. 220000.00

  • 3 Years Support

Sophos SG 330

Rs. 163000.00

  • 1 Year support
  • Firewall Security
  • Sandstorm
  • Monitoring

Sophos Firewall XG 125

Rs. 86000.00

  • 3 Years Support


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