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How to draw bark of a tree using Sketchbook?

Syed firoz Ahmed . Apr 16, 2024


To draw bark of a tree using Sketchbook, follow the steps given below:

  • Create a fresh canvas
  • Open the color palette, choose brown and cover the whole page
  • Pick the color black and choose the Wheel Pencil brush
  • Now begin drawing random lines on the canvas. Make sure to vary their width and length
  • Draw some connecting lines to join the two bold lines
  • Now make a copy of this layer and give the original layer a Gaussian blur
  • On the layer below, apply a blur filter. Next, pick the top layer and set its blending mode to Overlay
  • Create a new layer, choose a slightly warmer shade of brown, and then simply fill in the space between the lines with this color
  • Select Lighter Color in the blending mode
  • Add Moss Effect and now just shade some areas on the canvas. This gives you a realistic looking tree bark.

Apr 16, 2024

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