AuroMine Retail POS

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Price: 17000.00 INR /user

A Java based user friendly retail store management application which helps managing all activities efficiently. The software brings together the multiple corners of a retail store like inventory, billing, accounting, reporting, procurement, etc. The solution doesn’t require a barcoding machine as it can work with codes printed by a laser printer and hence helps save cost on bar code machines. View More

Auromine Jewelmine

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Price: 35000.00 INR /user

A retail Jewellery Software with inventory, accounts, bar-coding, billing and much more for entire retail Jewellery industry. Jewel mine Software is a web based application which helps in making day-to-day decisions with granulated control on master data. A user can control inventory movements from a central warehouse or at individual stores. View More

AuroMine Billing Software

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Price: 15000.00 INR /user

Auromine billing Software is a Java based Web Application and is user friendly as well. The software is has been developed keeping in account the day to day need of businesses and by people in the industry who have used multiple other software’s. This makes the software more industry applicable as it brings together the multiple corners like sales & sales returns, products, customers, reports, journals, settings, etc.  View More

Primaseller was founded in September, 2013, and is owned by Omnichanneler Technologies Private Limited which has offices in Bangalore, India and a subsidiary in Delaware, USA.