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eClinic Systems is a category of healthcare software that deals with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice . eCS software frequently allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payors, perform billing tasks, and generate reports. eClinic systems are designed for small to medium-sized medical offices and designed for or used by third-party medical billing companies. eClinic systems is often divided among web based software or Internet-based software.

Product Features
eClinic Systems software contains systems that allow users to enter and track patients, schedule and track patient appointments, send out insurance claims and patient statements as part of the collection process, process insurance, patient and third party payments, and generate reports for the administrative and clinical staff of the practice. eClinic systems also involves keeping up to date large sets of data including lists of diagnosis and procedures, lists of insurance companies, referring physicians, providers, facilities, and much more. Below are certain specific features of the solution:
  • Patient demographics – The capture of patient demographics often starts when a new patient fills out a patient information chart. This information includes the patient's name, address and contact information, birthdates, employer, and insurance information. Practice staff typically enters this information into the software. The software may automatically verify the patient's eligibility for receiving benefits with the insurance company using a standard electronic data interchange connection.
  • Appointment scheduling - eClinic systems often include a calendaring or scheduling component that allows staff to create and track upcoming patient visits. Software is often differentiated by whether it allows double-booking, or whether it uses a scheduling or a booking model. Schedules are often color-coded to allow healthcare providers (i.e. doctors, nurses, assistants) to easily identify blocks of time or sets of patients.
  • Claims and statements - In cases where a patient did not have proper insurance, or where insurance coverage did not fully pay the charges, the system will usually send out patient statements. eClinic Systems software often contains a way for a practice to print and mail their own statements (or other correspondence), and may even contain a way to interface to third-party patient statement printing companies.
  • Reporting - Almost invariably, the process of running a medical practice requires some introspection, and the software usually contains reporting capabilities to allow users to extract detailed data on financial performance and patient financial histories. eClinic often has both pre-setup reports as well as allow users to design their own, ad-hoc reports. In some cases, the reporting functionality of the interfaces with decision support systems or has similar functionality built-in.

About The Company
Adroit Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. is a fast-growing Healthcare Product Development and IT Services company providing full-spectrum software product development services to enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in US, Adroit Infosystems has a state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center in NOIDA, DELHI NCR, and India. Today, Adroit Infosystems is a preferred choice for a range of software product development services in the areas of New Product Conceptualization and Development, Product Re-engineering & Migration, Product QA & Testing, Product Implementation and Product Maintenance & Support. Powered by superior technological skills acquired in a world-class learning environment, process excellence and quality frameworks, Adroit Infosystems partners with many software companies, helping them to bring software products at lower development costs and with shorter time-to-market.

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