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Prescription Pad is India’s most trusted and widely used prescription writing medical software. The software makes the life of both the doctors and patients easy, comfortable, and organized by arranging all the health and medical parameters in one place and disseminating them as and when required. Here are some of the most vital features of Prescription Pad. The solution helps doctors with safe, first-rate, fool proof prescription writing facility which checks for drug interactions and duplications automatically along with safety parameters like pregnancy, lactation, children, elderly, hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency & pulmonary insufficiency once a user enter brands in the prescription writing area. The solution contains complete prescribing information of nearly 70,000 Brands of Indian Pharmaceutical companies & full details of nearly 3,000 Drugs (Generic Drugs) along with their monographs comprising more than 15,000 pages of text.

Product Features
Prescription Pad is a state of the art solution which is of a great use for all doctors/practitioners, etc. The solution is a medical prescription creation software that provides doctors with 100% safe, first rate, error free prescription writing facility. With the solution, creating a new medical prescription would take even less than 2 minutes to complete.

Below are certain salient features of the product:
  • The solution is backed by 70,000 plus complete drugs and brands clinical information for prescription of Indian, USA & UK Pharmacopeia.
  • Has complete drug information with indications, contra-indications, drug safety, dosage, substitutes, drug Group etc.
  • Enables search brand Information with trade name, manufacturer, dosage, substitutes, group name etc.
  • Helps a user search drug/brand by name, indication/formulation, dosage, substitutes, group name etc.
  • Triggers drug safety alerts at individual diseases level like in case of G6PD, PORPHYRIA, and HYPERTENSION etc.
  • Imposes drug restrictions warning.
About The Company
CompuRx Infotech is the result of the noble initiatives made by Dr. Anil Vij, a renowned physician of the country. It was in the year 2003; Dr. Vij felt a visible gap prevailing in Indian as well as international health care industry. The absence of efficient software for hospitals, prompted him to setup his own company to develop managed software for hospitals.Dr. Vij, who is an avid admirer of computers and computing technology, started making the initial framework of computer software that could help clinicians write flawless prescriptions. Thus, CompuRx Infotech came in to being and Prescription Pad became the brainchild of the company. Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Anil Vij, CompuRx went on to develop software for hospitals, which not only helped the doctors write safe prescriptions, but also helped them in several aspects of their practice. Over a period of a decade, the medical software company has emerged in to a favourite for many medical practitioners and hospitals both at domestic as well as international level.

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