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mcRAV Hospital Management System (HMS)

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mcRAv HMS is a leading edge hospital management system primarily meant to improve overall services and efficiency of hospitals. The hospitals can focus more on their services and leave all management concerns pertaining to patients, doctors, appointments, laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, nursing & wards, and many more to this innovative hospital management software solution. Addressing all automation needs of the hospitals for effective management for enhanced performance, the software contributes to provide best in class healthcare services.

Product Features
mcRAv HMS is an integrated new generation Hospital Management Software which converges latest technology and the administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. The solution provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to manage all hospital operations effortlessly. Equipped with powerful MIS and reports, the software enables effective decision making based on analytical data. HMS is a complete hospital management software solution with exclusive module incorporating vital processes and operations for smooth functioning of the hospitals. The primary features of the HMS from mcRAv include:
  • Registration and Enquiry Management: From enquiry handling to patient’s registration, all processes can be flawlessly executed with this comprehensive module. The module consists of interactive tools and features for effective query handling and provides registration interface to capture all necessary details.
  • Appointment & Queue Management: Appointments can be errorlessly scheduled and managed in this module. Queue management features in this module allow expert queue handling and patient’s waiting for their turns to see the doctor.
  • OPD Management: Outpatient management has been simplified with this interactive module. The module enables capturing of vital details and patient history and allocates the respective department as well as doctor for the right medical care.
  • IPD Management: In-patient module consist of various features to manage all related operations. Room allotment, medicines, treatment and diagnosis prescribed and executed can be recorded here. From admission to discharge all processes are readily managed in this module.
  • Medical Record Department (MRD): The complete medical records of the patients visiting the hospital are stored and maintained effortlessly and perfectly with the features and toolset available within MRD module.
  • Pharmacy Management: Stock of medicines and instruments, expiry of the medical items, stock evaluation and transactions, daily sales and orders management- every process can be smoothly executed with simple and easy to use features in this exclusive module.
  • Operation Theatre Management: Operations theatres can be well managed with noteworthy features. The schedules of operations, operating team details and other information can be captured and access on the go.
  • Laboratory Information System: List of tests available with details and prices can be defined in this module. Patient details and diagnosis reports can also be managed here.
  • Blood Bank Management: This module enables effective blood bank management including available stock and daily transactions along with donation details.
  • Payroll and HR Management: This optional module helps hospitals to manage their human resources, assign roles, and specify remuneration and schedules. The payroll features deal with payroll structuring, auto-calculation of pay along with other vital functions.
  • Service Order Processing and Billing: Processing of the service orders and billing for patients can be readily managed in this module. This highly integrated module fetches the data from other modules in the solution for auto-calculations.
  • Financial Accounting System: Financial accounting operations including daily journal entries, ledger and book keeping, debit & credit notes, balance sheet, P&L including others can be executed accurately and effortlessly with the dedicated financial accounting system integrated within the solution.
  • Insurance Management: To ease the medical claim worries of the patients, the software provides Insurance Management module that enables smooth reimbursement and settlement of bills mapped to their respective insurance policies.
  • Patient Referral System: Patient referral system records the details of the other patients referred by staff or other stakeholders.
  • Nursing and Wards Management: Assignment of medical and non-medical staff including nurses can be done effectively. Wards can be managed and administered from within a single interface.
  • Bed Census Management: Allotment of beds, availability and status of beds in various wards and departments can be smoothly managed perfectly.
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Management: Entire housekeeping and laundry operations are a comprehensive module to manage every activity related to the corresponding.
  • Management Information System (MIS): The solution allows generation of various MIS and customizable reports to get the analytical data for efficient decision-making.

About The Company
mcRAv Solutions provides complete product lifecycle services, ranging from new product development and product advancement to product migration, re-engineering, sustenance and support. By leveraging its experience in working on over 50 product releases, mcRAV brings products to market faster, with better quality and reduced R&D costs. The company helps to drive down costs and increase profits by providing state-of-the-art software solutions catering to the needs of various business verticals. An e-services site is offered by mcRAv to help the organizations get closer to their customers by building web-enabled customer service solutions.

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