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Vaultastic is the easiest - most secure cloud email archiving solution yet! It backs up emails sent using Office 365, Google Apps for Work (Now G Suite), Exchange (on-prem & cloud) and other email solutions. Vaultastic helps your business with all eDiscovery, Compliance and Business Continuity needs. All your email data is securely stored in AWS data centers ensuring 99.99999999999% data durability and protection against service outage, data loss or corruption. Also in the process, providing an alternate site for backing up your critical data.

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About Mithi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mithi Software Technologies, has been providing affordable, secure & dependable collaboration software (since 2005), helping its customers lower their costs & improve productivity substantial. Mithi SkyConnect the cloud bases collaboration SaaS has been adopted by organizations of all sizes across many enterprise segment such as healthcare, R&D establishments, financial services, education, government, BPOs, software, defence, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, agro industries, logistics, media, internet service providers, infrastructure, media, retail, energy & power, transportation, etc.

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₹ 365.00

  • "Most Secure: 100% security and privacy guaranteed 99.99999999999% Data Durability: Your emails are backed up on AWS cloud storage with multi-layered security making it one of safest email vaults out there 99.9%+ Availability: Designed for high uptime
  • no single point of failure unlike an appliance Unlimited Storage: No storage based plans or limits. Simple retention based plans with unlimited storage Tamper Proof: Vaultastic is safe from accidental or malicious deletion of mail and user accounts In-line Email Archiving: Mails are archived before they are delivered to the user's inbox
  • guaranteeing all the mails exchanged are always archived Compatible: Works seamlessly with Office 365
  • Google Apps for Work (Now G Suite)
  • Exchange (on-prem & cloud) and other email solutions Self Service Portal: Empower your users by giving them access to their own archive accounts to search and export mail on their own No Infrastructure: Requires No Infrastructure
  • Storage or Manpower provisioning Always the Latest: Automatic software updates on the cloud platform eDiscovery
  • Manage or Search: This feature allows you to search through all mails sent and received. The user can also download
  • print
  • forward or reply to any mail from their email archiving accounts Restore Mails or Mailboxes: This solution enables mail recovery that you may have lost from the primary account or you can also restore the entire mailbox Achieve Regulatory Compliance: No end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the email vault. This solution provides you secured and read-only encrypted store that is only accessible to authorised users only through the Vaultastic app Business Continuity: An email archiving service allows users to access their archived mails via a self-service portal. The feature also acts as a disaster recovery site that provides you with alternate access to archived mail store Data Backup: This solution helps backup all your data for future references
  • as well as required for regulation compliance. All the mails get indexed and can be easily found and retrieved Data Durability: The stored data on cloud storage helps the user to achieve basic requirements of data security
  • durability and reliability."
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