20 Best Mongodb Alternatives in 2023

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Mongodb Atlas

Mongodb Atlas

By MongoDB

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MongoDB Atlas is a world’s leading dbms software for fully automated cloud service engineered and run by the same team... Read More About Mongodb Atlas

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EDB Postgres

EDB Postgres

By EnterpriseDB

4.8 (6 reviews) Write a Review

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EDB Postgres is one of the best database management solutions for Indian IT sector. The database management software us... Read More About EDB Postgres

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By Swific Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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Lio is a business intelligence software that helps you organize your business data – be it accounting, staff, operati... Read More About Lio

MySQL enterprise Edition

MySQL enterprise Edition

By Oracle

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₹285,000Per Year

MySQL Enterprise Edition is a Dbms software that provides data encryption facility to protect your data and information... Read More About MySQL enterprise Edition

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Autonomous Data Warehouse

Autonomous Data Warehouse

By Oracle

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Autonomous Data Warehouse is one of the most widely used DBMS software solutions from Oracle that has been innovatively... Read More About Autonomous Data Warehouse

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Simego Data Synchronisation Studio

Simego Data Synchronisation Studio

By Simego

4.5 (3 reviews) Write a Review

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Data Synchronisation Studio is a best DBMS software. Data Synchronisation Studio supports you and your business by provi... Read More About Simego Data Synchronisation Studio

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By Redis

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AnzoGraph DB


Shopgro LookUp App

Shopgro LookUp App

By Shopgro

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The stores which do not use Barcode scanner, have lesser number of SKU's and the products might not have barcodes. Hence... Read More About Shopgro LookUp App

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Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer

By Oracle

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Oracle SQL Developer is a database management software and is based on an IDE (integrated development environment) that... Read More About Oracle SQL Developer

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Last Updated on : 06 Jun, 2023


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Buyer's Guide for Mongodb Best Alternatives

Searching for Mongodb alternatives? We’ve compiled the list of top Big Data Tools with features & functionalities similar to Mongodb . There are a lot of alternatives to Mongodb that could be a perfect fit for your business needs. Compare Mongodb competitors in one click and make the right choice!

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL system that uses the adaptable BSON format, which is similar to JSON. With high availability and fault tolerance, it is quite scalable and handles massive volumes of data. Moreover, MongoDB has a dynamic schema that makes the database structure update simple and rapid. Also, MongoDB ensures indexing for quicker search efficiency and has a powerful query language.

However, MongoDB has significant drawbacks. Because MongoDB does not handle transactions across several documents, it can be challenging to preserve data integrity in complicated applications. Consequently, people look for alternatives to MongoDB like Couchbase, Cassandra, and Apache HBase.

Why Are Businesses Looking for MongoDB Alternatives

There are several reasons to opt for MongoDB alternatives:

  • Joins Not Supported: JOIN operations are not supported by MongoDB. This may be a drawback if your application requires complicated queries involving numerous collections. Businesses have started looking for MongoDB substitutes to achieve speed improvements.
  • High Memory Usage: MongoDB needs a lot of memory to function properly, especially with huge data collections. If you have a lot of concurrent users or you have less memory space, this could be a problem. As a result, businesses search for MongoDB alternatives.
  • Limited Data Size: MongoDB has a 16MB limit on document size. If a business needs to save a lot of files or work with particularly large documents, it prefers softwares like MongoDB with higher limits.
  • Limited Nesting: The amount of nesting that MongoDB allows is limited. If you need to store complex data structures, alternatives of MongoDB would be better for you.
  • Cost: Another major concern of companies searching for MongoDB alternatives is the high cost of upgrading. Although MongoDB does provide a free community version, companies that need further features or support have to pay high license costs. Apache Cassandra and Couchbase Community Edition are two popular MongoDB substitutes that provide comparable capabilities at a lesser price.

Must Have Features in Any Software Similar to MongoDB

A well-liked NoSQL database system called MongoDB provides a number of specific features that set it apart from relational databases. If you're considering using a program like MongoDB, there are a few essential characteristics you should check for.

  • Document Model: One of MongoDB's distinguishing characteristics is its document model. MongoDB stores data in adaptable, JSON-like documents that can have many structures, in contrast to conventional relational databases. This makes working with semi-structured or unstructured data easier and enables a more natural depiction of the material. A document model should be used to store data in any software that is comparable to MongoDB.
  • Sharding: It gets harder for a single server to meet all of the data processing and storage requirements as data volume increases. To increase scalability and performance, data is horizontally separated among several servers through the technique of sharding. Sharding is supported natively by MongoDB, and its similar software should also include this feature.
  • Replication: Any database system must take data availability and fault tolerance into consideration. Data is replicated across several servers to make sure it is constantly accessible and can withstand hardware failures or other problems. Any MongoDB similar database should provide characteristics that are comparable to MongoDB's powerful replication capabilities.
  • Authentication: Controlling who has access to the database and what actions they can take is crucial in many applications. The process of confirming a user's identity and permissions is known as authentication. Authentication methods like username/password, LDAP, and Kerberos are all supported by MongoDB. Similarly, MongoDB-like software should have strong authentication features.
  • Database Triggers: Database triggers are automated processes that are carried out in reaction to particular database events, like the addition of a new document or the update of an existing one. Change stream, a feature of MongoDB that enables you to track data changes in real-time, supports triggers. Any software that is comparable to MongoDB should also include database triggers.
  • Time Series Data: Sensor reading and financial data are popular examples of time series data. Through the feature called Time Series Collections, MongoDB enables you to effectively store and retrieve time-stamped data. With this feature, it offers support for time series data. And it should be there in any alternative of MongoDB.

What To Consider When Looking for an alternative to MongoDB

When considering software like MongoDB, there are several features that should be taken into account. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

  • Performance: Low latency and high write and read throughout should be supported by applications like MongoDB. Be sure to test the software with your use case to ensure that it can meet your performance needs.
  • Data Model: MongoDB is a document-based database, it stores data in adaptable JSON-like documents. This enables a more accurate depiction of data, although it might not be the best option in many situations. Do your research to decide if any alternative for MongoDB is a good option for your application.
  • Querying and Indexing: To retrieve data effectively, querying and indexing are essential. MongoDB provides a strong query language that supports various indexing settings and supports complicated queries. For your specific situation, carefully examine how well the alternatives to MongoDB support searching and indexing.
  • Community and Support: A database's strength is usually influenced by the size and activity of its community. Due to the size and activity of its community, MongoDB is well-supported and has a wide variety of resources. While considering any software similar to MangoDB, consider factors like community and support.
  • Security: Security is a top priority when working with sensitive data. Role-based access control and encryption at rest and in transit are just a number of the strong security features that MongoDB provides. Make sure to assess the security features of any alternative to MongoDB you are considering.
  • Cost: Cost is always a factor to consider. MongoDB is open source, but there is an additional fee for enterprise features and support. When making a choice, be careful to assess the price of any database solution, including any prospective licensing costs.

Comparison of MongoDB Competitors

Here’s the list of MongoDB alternatives with detailed comparison in terms of pricing and features:

What Type of Businesses are Looking for Alternatives of MongoDB

MongoDB alternatives are preferred by companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Especially by those handling big volumes of data and require high scalability, such as e-commerce platforms, social networking platforms, and gaming businesses.

Further, financial firms and healthcare providers require excellent data consistency and often explore alternatives to MongoDB.

Moreover, due to pricing considerations, startups and smaller companies are more likely to look for MongoDB alternatives than larger companies. They prefer MongoDB alternatives that provide a wider feature set or simpler management.


MangoDB is a NoSQL system for managing databases that has grown significantly over time. MongoDB has gained popularity as a tool for creating cutting-edge, scalable online applications thanks to its adaptable document-oriented design and support for horizontal scaling.

While MongoDB is a powerful tool, it may not be suitable for all use cases. Some developers may prefer alternative databases for their relational capabilities, such as PostgreSQL or MySQL, or Apache Cassandra. They have the ability to handle large amounts of data with high availability.

Finally, the choice of database is determined by the project's specific requirements, and developers should carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Mongodb Alternative FAQs

A. Airtable, Spark and Aurora are the best MangoDB alternatives for Mac.
A. Realm, Couchbase Lite, and Firebase Realtime Database are good MongoDB alternatives for android.
A. Yes, there are many apps like MongoDB, including CouchDB, Apache Cassandra, and Redis.
A. There are several MongoDB alternatives for windows, such as Mongodb Atlas, EDB Postgres, Couchbase Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle Database.
A. Lio, MySQL enterprise Edition, Simego Data Synchronisation Studio, MariaDB, and SQLite are a few substitutes of MongoDB for SMBs. They are all well-known, open-source relational databases with strong functionality and scalability choices. Also, they are affordable options for SMBs who might not have enough funds to purchase a more expensive database management system.
A. Some of the cheapest alternatives for MongoDB are PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB.
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