11 Best AI Voice Generators for Business & Personal Activities

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Voiceovers are expensive and cumbersome. Youtubers, advertisers, and video makers need to hire professional voice artists and set up an expensive hardware and software infrastructure just to record a simple voiceover. This is where AI voiceover software plays a significant role.

Voiceover software helps professionals quickly generate human-like voices without any specialized hardware or professional. It is beneficial for creating video ads, YouTube videos, audiobooks, IVR calls, and more.

This article will introduce you to some of the best AI voice generators that you can use for your business or personal needs.

What is AI Voice Generator?

AI voice generator is a computer program that can generate human-like voices. It uses advanced text-to-speech (TTS) algorithms to convert written text into natural-sounding speech. The software can also be referred as voice synthesizer software, text to speech generators, voice over software, etc.

Voice over software uses advanced AI algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate human-like voices. The finest voice over generator can mimic human voice qualities to produce high-quality, realistic, human-like generated speeches that can be used to replace human voiceovers.

Benefits of Using AI Voice Synthesizer

Here are some of the reasons why video makers need to use a realistic voice generator:

  • Eliminate the need for expensive voiceover artists: You no longer need to shell out money to hire professional voiceover artists. Just type and feed the text directly to the software for audio content.

  • Create audio content in any language: AI voice generators can create audio content in different languages. This is extremely useful to target a global audience with your content.

  • Generate audio content quickly: With AI voice generators, you can generate audio content quickly and easily. It allows users to create a lot of audio content in a brief period.

  • There is no need for Infrastructure: You don’t need specific editing software, mic, or sound room to use AI voice generators. Many cloud-based voiceover software solutions can be used online without any installation.

Top 11 AI Voice Generators of 2022

Here is the list of ten best Voice synthesizers in 2022.

Note: The order doesn’t represent the rank of voiceover software.

S.No.NameUSPStarting Price
1Murf.aiVoices for 20 languages
120+ voices
Free background music
₹987 /month.
2Play.Ht570+ female and male AI voices
Podcast hosting
Multi-Voice feature for conversations
₹1081/ per month
3Clipchamp170+ Voices
70+ languages
Extensive Knowledge Base
₹454/ month
4Lovo180+ voices
33 languages
Voice cloning
₹1326/ per month
5Resemble.aiAndroid and iOS apps
Works offline as well
Voice assistant Integration API
6Spik.aiCompletely free
Six languages
3 English Ascent
7UberDuck.aiVoice cloning
Personalize Bul audio
Inbuilt voice editor ad Studio
8Designs.aiAI technology to adjust tone
20+ languages
50+ voices
₹2194/ month
9Animaker Voice200 human-like voices in 50 + languages
Pitch and Speed Control
Breathing or Whisper effect addition
10Speechmax.aiDesigned especially for Indian creators
20+ voices and 8+ Indian language
Pauses, loudness and speed control
11VoiceMaker700+ voices and 90+ languages
Customized voice speed & voice effects
Best for audiobooks and podcasts
  • Murf.ai

murf text to speech

Murf.ai is one of the best AI voice generators in the market. It’s a multipurpose voice generator perfect for explainer videos, e-learning, or animation videos.

Murf.ai voice synthesizer offers over 120 voices to choose from 20 different languages. Editing and adding voice over to your videos, images or slideshows with ease is extremely easy with its inbuilt editor.

Users can emphasize specific words, adjust pitch, speed, and even include pauses between sentences. Users can add background music directly to the voice over from the inbuilt library of royalty-free music.

Features of Murf Voice AI Generator

  • Grammar assistant
  • In-built video maker
  • Up to 20 Gb Storage
  • Full HD export quality
  • Deletion recovery system
  • Access and Collaboration Control

Murf Pricing

Murf is a partially free AI voiceover software offering up to 10 min of voice for free. The basic plan for Murf starts at ₹987 /month.

  • Play.ht

Play.ht voice AI generator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create powerful, engaging audio content. The voice synthesizer software offers over 570 female and male voices in 60+ languages. Creators can adjust tone, pitch, emphasis and speech styles for expressing emotions through voiceovers.

This AI speech generator has an integrated online editor, making it easy to customize audio content to match your requirements. Also, with the added multi-voice feature, you can even create conversations that sound natural.

More than 7000 companies worldwide use the realistic voice generator, including organizations like the United Nations and Verizon. It is one of the best voice generator software for Podcast and audiobook creation.

Features of Play.ht

  • Custom Pronunciations
  • Bulk Audio Creation
  • Full SSML Support
  • integration with medium and WordPress
  • Preview Mode
  • Secure Cloud Storage on cloud up
  • Audio plugin for your blog

Play.ht Pricing

Play.ht offers a Personal Plan for ₹1081/ per month, allowing the user to convert 240,000 text to speech.

  • Clipchamp

Clipchamp audio deepfake generator

Clipchamp is the highly versatile online AI voice generator that serves social media influencers, educators, advertisers, and YouTube creators’ audio content needs. The extensive knowledge base makes it easy for beginners to use Clipchamp.

With 170+ lifelike voices in over 70 languages, Clipchamp could fulfil every voicing need. Besides, the inbuilt video editing tool makes it perfect for creating videos for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even memes.

Features of Clipchamp

  • Professional audio editing Tool
  • Innovative AI technology for a character filled voiceover
  • Easy Pronunciation Fixing
  • HD file export

Custom Pricing: Clipchamp offers a free automated voice over tool plan with limited features. The Creator plan of Clipchamp is priced at ₹454 per month.

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  • Lovo

Lovo is not just another voice synthesizer tool. Its unique voice cloning feature allows you to create the targeted voice of a specific person. The AI speech generator offers over 180 professional voices in 33 languages.

Lovo AI speech generator is one of the best choices to create audio for animations, audiobooks, e-learning content, etc. Plus, this AI generated speech its easy-to-use Creator Studio makes adding background music a breeze.

Features of Lovo

  • Voiceover API for easy integration
  • Finetune to adjust pitch and tone
  • Voice cloning
  • Premium voice skin
  • Monetized YouTube channel

Pricing: Lovo offers a Free AI voice generator plan with a maximum of 3 downloads per month. The personal plan costs ₹1326/ per month.

  • Resemble.ai

resemble ai voice software

Resemble.ai is an all-in-one AI voice generation solution especially designed for developers, businesses and startups. You can use their real like voices for IVR Agents, gaming characters, or Smart Assistants. Additionally, Resemble.ai supports both on-premises and remote deployment.

Resemble AI voice generation software also has android and iOS app that can work both online and offline. Resemble could also be integrated with voice assistant and integrated on your website and app through its API access.

Features of Resemble AI

  • Emotion control
  • Streaming API
  • On-premises and mobile deployment
  • digital character for speech
  • Android and iOS ready
  • instant language dubbing
  • AI-generated text

Resemble.ai Pricing

Resemble.ai offers an Entry Plan for video makers starting at ₹2274/month.

  • Spik.ai

Spik.ai is a free natural AI generated voice converter that offers dozens of voices and tones for excellent computer-generated voiceovers. With Spik.ai, you can easily create immersive audio experiences that communicate the personality and style of your characters.

Professionals can also use the search feature to find the right voice, tone and ascent for action, communication, or creative project. Spik.ai voice over generator is available in six major languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic – so you can create content for a huge audience.

Features of Spik.ai

  • Speech pauses and emphasis feature
  • Say it as it sounds feature for dates, calculations, formulas
  • 3 English Ascent: US UK, and Australian
  • SSML support
  • Voice tuning

Spik AI Pricing

Spik Ai is a free Ai voice generator software allowing users to create audio clips for text up to 1000 characters. However, the premium plan costs ₹1439/ month.

  • Uberduck.ai

uberduck ai voice

Uberduck.ai is one of the best natural voice generators that could create human-like voices for marketing, IVR and voiceover purposes. Businesses can personalize each audio with customer data, making it highly beneficial for IVR and marketing.

Professionals can either clone any voice or use one of the 2,000 pre-existing expressive voices for their audio content. You can even create engaging videos with its built-in video editor and studio.

Features of Uberduck.ai

  • API for easy integration
  • Unlimited cloud storage for enterprise plan
  • Personalized audio content
  • Bulk audio generation
  • Collaboration through MS Teams
  • Voice cloning

UberDuck.ai Pricing

Uberduck offers a premium plan for ₹756/month for voice overs. You can also use the free version of this AI speech generator with limited features.

  • Designs.ai

Designs.ai is an online voice synthesizer combined with a powerful video making tool. This unique voice generator AI can create natural-sounding speech in over 20 languages and 50+ voices.

Plus, their AI technology adjusts tones, emphasis and pauses, ensuring that all your videos are sound are perfect every time. Whether you’re an influencer, educator, or YouTuber, Designs.ai is the ideal tool to create engaging voiceovers.

Features of Design.ai

  • Custom branding kit
  • Team collaboration
  • Integrated video maker
  • AI analyzer

Design.AI Pricing

The basic plan starts at ₹2194/ month, allowing users to create speech for up to 3000 characters per query.

  • Animaker Voice

animaker voice over

Animaker is a powerful AI voice Synthesizer service that generates real-like speeches for voiceovers. AI character voice generator provides over 200 human-like voices in 50+ languages, making it the perfect voiceover software for YouTube videos, branding, product explainer videos, etc.

You can even add a breathing or whisper effect for immersive human-like sounds. With pitch and speed control, you can create the perfect recording every time.

Animaker Voice is one of the most popular choices for creators, with a customer base of more than 2 million users.

Features of Animaker Voice

  • Breathing or whisper effect addition
  • Pitch and speed control
  • Team asset and collaboration
  • The complete video creation suite

Pricing: Animaker offers both paid and free voice over plans. Paid plan starts at ₹1438 per month.

  • Speechmax.ai

Speechmax is one of the best online AI voice generators for Indian creators and Youtubers. It allows users to generate natural voices in Indian languages. The voice synthesizer software supports over 20 different voices in 8 different languages.

Users can also control pauses, loudness, and speed of the generated voiceovers, making it easy to create the perfect audio for your needs. Plus, you can add your own audio files to customize your experience with the inbuilt online audio editor.

Features of SpeechMax

  • Multiple voiceover style
  • Speed and loudness control
  • Background music addition
  • Multi-project
  • Audio file combination
  • Online waveform audio editor

Speechmax Pricing

The Speechmax is a highly affordable AI voice generator starting at ₹500 per month.

  • VoiceMaker

VoiceMaker is an ideal voice synthesizer tool, especially for creating audiobooks and podcasts. With over 700 male, female, and children’s voices in 90 languages, Users can easily find the perfect voice for their project.

AI voice generator online also allows adjusting voice speed, pitch, volume, pause, emphasis, and voice effects, enabling users to precisely create the audio experience they are looking for. With over 400,000 users and clients like Infosys and TCS, VoiceMaker falls among the most popular choices of video creators.

Features of VoiceMaker

  • File History tracker
  • Region-wise ascent
  • SSML support
  • 10 GB Cloud storage
  • Up to 100,000 per conversion

VoiceMaker Pricing

The cheapest voiceover plan for VoiceMaker software starts at ₹379/ month for beginners. You can also use VoiceMaker for free with limited features.


These were the most popular AI voice generators of the year. There is no one perfect voice over software for every purpose. It is entirely up to the requirement and preferences of the video makers.

If you are a beginner or learner, you should try a few free voiceover software before purchasing any premium version.

FAQ Section

  1. How are AI voices made?

    There are many ways to make an AI voice, but the most common process involves recording a human's voice and breaking it down into small pieces. These small pieces (or phonemes) are then rearranged to create new words and sentences. Then AI engine synthesizes these words into human-like AI voices.

  2. How can we generate voice speech using an AI Voice generator?

    First, you need a script or text to generate voice speech. After that, you need to choose the language and voice. You can also control speed, pitch and other effects according to your requirement. Finally, click on Generate button to create voice speech.

  3. How do I use Google Text to Speech?

    You can use the Google text to speech feature by signing to Google Cloud. Then feed the written script and choose the language and voice. After that, you can control the speed, pitch and other effects as per your need. Finally, hit on Generate button to create voice speech.

  4. Can I convert text to voice?

    You can convert text to voice by using an AI voice generator. Just enter the text, choose the language and voice, and then control the speed, pitch and other effects as per your requirement. Finally, hit on Generate button to create voice speech.

  5. What is the best free text to speech converter?

    There are many free text to speech converters available on the internet. Google Text to Speech and Speechmax are quite popular among video makers.

  6. Is Google text to speech free?

    No, Google text to speech is not free. You need to sign in to Google Cloud and feed the written script to generate voice speech. However, Google offers a free trial for their text to speech service.

  7. Is Google Text to Speech API free?

    No, Google Text to Speech API is not free. You need to sign up and purchase a subscription to the Google Cloud Platform.

  8. Does text to speech use real voices?

    Most of the text to speech software uses artificial voices. However, some software clone authentic human voices for natural voice synthesizer.

  9. Which voice is best for text to speech generator?

    Resemble.ai , Murf.ai and Play.ht are among the most popular AI voice generators.

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