Importance of LMS for College Management Banner image

Importance of LMS for College & University Management

By Techjockey Team . July 8, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way universities and colleges operate. Educational institutions have actively adopted learning management software (LMS) infrastructure to level up their...

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Key Features of Classroom Management Software

By Techjockey Team . July 7, 2022

As technology keeps evolving, it transforms the way people interact with the world surrounding them. These transformations have consequences that impacts nearly every aspect of life....

Student database management system

Top 15 Student Information Management System

By Ayushee Sharma . September 21, 2021

Managing the leave, attendance, performance, fee, and other students' information in schools, universities, and other such institutions is a challenging task. Manually updating student records can...

ERP Software for School

12 Best ERP Software For Schools in India 2023

By Mayank Dixit . November 21, 2020

Educational institutions, especially schools, have to manage a large bandwidth of administrative data on a regular basis. Doing this manually is not only time taking but...

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